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The UN said the Syrian government has not allowed cranes to enter Ghouta Timur

The UN says it was empowered for the Syrian government to send humanitarian aid to Ghouta Timur, which was carried out by rebels despite a UN ceasefire resolution and the request was part of a humanitarian disruption with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Since the UN Security Council unanimously approved the 30-day ceasefire in Syria last Saturday, besieging the eastern suburb of Ghouta East “more bombing Deadlier combat … with another destruction of …” , UN Secretary of State Mark Lowcock declared the Security Council on Wednesday.
Lowcock said that the lease of equipment with 45 trucks, aided by 90,000 people, was ready to enter 10 districts of East Ghouta, but did not obtain permission.

Putin blamed the “extreme coup” for not doing the “humanity” weekly he had commissioned this week to Ghouta Timur.

The Separate Security Council and Russian leaders have called for a halt to the departure of civilians. The United Nations also wants to deliver medical products and fast food.

Both calls were ignored and government troops East Ghouta and Syria have blamed themselves for violating the ceasefire’s patent.

Syrian air and ground attacks

Syrian air and ground attacks in eastern Ghouta killed more than 580 people and more than 1,000 injured since the system began attacking in Damascus February 18, according to the United Nations.

The UN also announced that martial arts fired hundreds of rockets into the Syrian capital, killing 15 people and killing more than 200 people.

At a news conference in Moscow on Wednesday, Putin noted that “extremist groups” and “terrorist organizations” prevented the public from leaving.
He told reporters that the agreement had been reached with “Syrian partners”.

“We offer to organize humanitarian corridors to help children, wounded people, who needs help with the territory … If we all work our way to improve the situation in the country and the East” to stabilize Ghouta, we are on the way to success, “Putin said, without telling me how that success could be.

US and UN officials accuse the regime of air bombing in the region.

General Joseph Votel, who oversees all US troops in the Middle East, said on Tuesday that Russia was playing the role of “firemen and firefighters” in Syria. The voucher says that the ongoing attack on the Ghouta East air show seems to indicate that Russia is not capable of taking responsibility for responsible or reactive administration.

Clean up the game

The Russian president appears to have made a UN Security Council resolution to end the 30-day hostilities by booking files of five hours a day, which will begin on Tuesday.

The UN Resolution leaves little detail on when the ceasefire should begin, how it will be implemented or even if all parties are aware of it.

Syrian army guards are circling the ambulance, ready to take the wounded person to the Wafideen checkpoint in Damascus on Wednesday.

Putin’s five-hour proposal was closed Wednesday by the UN ambassador. The British deputy ambassador in Jonathan Allen County said it was “completely inadequate” and that the bombings did not disappoint and aid workers could not reach East Ghouta.

“We have a sequel from hell on Earth,” Allen told reporters.

The International Committee of the Red Cross said on Tuesday that Middle Eastern leader Robert Mardini said a five-hour break would not be enough for relief work.

“It is not impossible to take a humanitarian train in five hours.” We have long experience in facilitating Syria’s front line, and we know it can take up to a day after the only place behind the passage under previous agreements from all parties, “he said.

The UN envoy in France called on Russia to press the regime of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria. “Today is not spoken,” said François Dellatre. “It’s about implementing the resolution.”

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