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The Senate agrees with Trump’s big tax cuts.

WASHINGTON – The US Senate has only approved tax reforms. Republicans and President Donald Trump are one step closer to reducing taxes on institutional and wealthy taxes and enabling everyone to change America.

The greatest change in the funding of the $ 1400 trillion dollars over the decades of the eighth republicans will be the US Dollars Tax Act; it said that there were more than 20,000 trillion public debt changes. growing economy.

“In the early hours of the morning, we are one step closer to generating massive tax cuts for families working across America,” Trump said.

The US stock market has returned for months and hoped that Washington would make significant tax cuts for companies.

The Republicans celebrated the Senate victory and anticipated that tax cuts would encourage US companies to invest more and grow economically.

We now have the opportunity to make America more competitive, to maintain offshore business, and to provide great relief for the middle class, “said Mitch McConnell, President of the Republican Senate.

The Senate endorsed 51-49 votes for the Democrats who said they were unprepared and unprepared to play for tax evasion lawyers and accountants for industry in the last minute action to win the Republican for the suspect.

Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer said, “Republicans have succeeded in making a bad count and not getting worse.” “Because of the dark shadows and changes that took place in the last few minutes, the change is making more money from the rich and big companies’ pocket,” he said.

The Democrats did not vote for a design, but the Republican Party failed majority, holding Senatoda 52-48.

Negotiations between the Senate and the Lower House on their own taxes may begin next week.

Trump wants it to start before the end of the year, and for this reason, he and the Republicans can win the first major legislative victory in 2017, despite watching the White House, watching the Senate and coming in January.

ObamaCare’s health care bill

Republicans have failed in their attempt to abolish ObamaCare’s health care bill in the summer and chairman of Trump’s impressive White House struggle and federal inquiry into the possibility of last year’s secret cooperation between the election campaign team and the Russian authorities.

Trump and Republican views on tax assessments are decisive for his prospects in mid-November mid-November when they should defend their majority in Congress.

In a legitimate battle going so fast, the final version of the law is only available to the public several hours before the vote. Democrats have won a proposed tax cut as a contribution to wealthy companies and financiers billions of dollars.

The House and Senate bills are secretly hidden in a few short months by half a dozen Republican triumph executives and trump counselor who does not have much to do with parties and archives and not with one of the Democrats.

Six Republican senators who wanted and made amends at the last minute and the suspicious voice said on Friday that they would support the bill and do so.

Senator Bob Corker, one of the remaining black troops in the republic who promised an early opposition to the law that expanded the federal deficit, emerged as the only republic of the republic.

I can not give up my tax concerns and vote on laws that can … deepen the burden of future generations of debt, “said Corker, who is not eligible for re-election.


On Friday and Saturday morning, the account was activated at the last minute of the last minute.

One makes local and local tax deductions up to $ 10,000, reflecting the situation at home. The previous Senate proposes a complete abolition of state and local tax deductions.

In the second amendment, the Alternative Minimum Tax Rate (AMT) for individuals and businesses will not be completely canceled. On the other hand, an AMT will change and the AMT of the company will remain unchanged, as reported by the lobbyist.

The second change will place a five-year limit on companies that must immediately deploy the full value of new venture capital investments. This will gradually end four years after the sixth year, rather than permanent, as originally proposed.

Under the law, corporate tax rates will remain at 20 percent of 35 percent, while future foreign profits of American companies will be largely exempt from tax – and changes made by business lobbyists for years.

The highest individual income tax rate of individual taxpayers decreases slightly.

The Tax Policy Center, the non-partisan think tank, was previously reviewed, but a similar version of the bill, which approved the National Tax Committee on November 16, stating that it would reduce taxes for all income categories in 2019 and 2025 and the average deduction the highest taxes for Americans, who have the highest income.

Two Republican senators announced on Friday they would support the bill when they won more tax breaks out of business. These include partnerships and other non-public companies ranging from parents and inconveniences to large financial and property groups.

The tax deduction of 23 percent for the entrepreneur is now rejected, which is higher than the original 17.4 percent.

Richard Blumenthal

Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal said that Trump manages more than 500 companies that receive immediate benefits. “So the president can celebrate, but most Americans say today,” Blumenthal said.

Senate acting involves the division abolishing Obamacare paid by some Americans to buy health insurance, a statement that would weaken critics like Obamacare and increase insurance premiums for the elderly and the sick.

Sen. Susan Collins, a moderate Republican, said he was the leader of the Republic of commitments that were then implemented in separate laws, so that the production of individual license payments would have little effect.

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