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The Mediterranean is not spared

Climing cold and snowfall make life difficult for people around the Aegean Sea. In North Greece, there has been a constant frost since Friday. The thermometers in the port of Thessaloniki showed minus seven degrees Celsius on Saturday. Numerous country roads were only navigable with snow chains, as the police reported. In the center of Athens temperatures were also around the freezing point.

Mediterranean is not spared

In the provinces of Epirus, Macedonia, and Thrace, values ​​were measured around minus 14 degrees. The northern Aegean islands and the sporades were unusually strong, as the state television reported. The cities have heated halls and metro stations open so that no homeless people will freeze. It is expected to be warmer in the middle of next week, the weather forecast.

Mediterranean not spared

Bosporus closed

Due to violent snow storms in the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul, the Bosporus has been closed to shipping. State news agency Anadolu reported that the Coast Guard had imposed the barrier on one of the most important waterways in the world on Saturday morning. The visibility on the sea margin between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea had temporarily fallen below 100 meters. The traffic of the Bosporus between the European and the Asian side of Istanbul also stopped. Hundreds of flights were canceled

Anadolu reported Saturday that they had fallen to 40 centimeters of snow in Istanbul overnight. The heavy precipitation at temperatures below the freezing point led to severe traffic restrictions in the hilly city. The governor of Istanbul set up a crisis center.

Seven dead in Poland

Seven people have died since Friday on the consequences of a cold wave with temperatures of up to minus 25 degrees in Poland. This was announced by the government security center on Saturday. Since the beginning of the cold season, 24 people have died of carbon monoxide attack in the country since the beginning of the cold season. In this way, the number of cold- Poisoning Among other things, they had inhaled toxic gases from coal furnaces.


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