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The Indian government party is advancing after a tight race Modi in gujarat elections

NEW DELHI – India’s Indies Party (BJP) on Monday will win elections by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, showing the number of votes but with a smaller margin of opposition

The coalition opposition led by the Congress Party leader is to weaken the difficult challenge of Western Gujarat in the hope that Modi would be at home because of dissatisfaction with the shortage of national jobs and taxes

BJP has won more than 100 seats in 182 configurations, forecasts from India today, CNN News18 and TimesNow show.

The party needs 92 seats to manage the state. The conference, led by Rahul Gandhi, officially serves as party secretary this weekend, has won more than 70 seats, far better than ever.

The softened BJP says Mod’s popularity remains unchanged.

“There is no other leader in the region,” said Shyam Jaju, the party’s vice president.

The atmosphere at BJP’s headquarters in New Delhi and the capital of Gujarat Ahmedabad was initially stretched since its inception, a trend that overcomes a near struggle.

But then, the workers gathered to shout the slogan and cheer the profits.

The party will also be in Himachal Pradesh in the future, and in the northern Himalayas also vote for a new constitution.

The general election will be held in 2019, but the opposition party wants to slow down its move to national elections and two next year.

Indian companies are struggling to implement poor goods and service fees in order to harmonize large amounts of national and federal taxes but hamper them in severe procedures.


Modi denied the high-quality exchange position in November last year as part of the fight against corruption, in addition to disrupting the small business that formed its support base.

The Indian stock market will weaken when the NSE 50 share index falls nearly 2%, as the initial trend is close to Gujarat elections.

But the stock is in the offing – Stocks in the NSE 50 index rose 0.7 percent at 0455 GMT.

Convertible bonds in part changed to $ 64.32 / $ 33 compared to the previous 64.04 rounds. The rupee fell to 64.74 earlier this year.

Almost all of the votes and polls predicted a pleasant victory, but voting is often bad.

To ensure that prospects for the party at Modi show in their Gujarati elections campaign dozens of massive gatherings, rituals and even waving the last day that the campaign route was water level.

“If they lose in Gujarat elections, the BJP will collapse like a pack of cards,” said Sharmistha Mukherjee.

“This is your fortress, they play all about it.”

In the Ahmedabad congress office Rahul Gandhi’s position is attached to the wall.

“The hard work of Rahul Gandhi was worth the state and shows that the Modi government is not satisfied,” said Shaktisinh Gohil, the congressman.

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