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The help of the Michigan government, the white nationalist speech, when Protestants meet

EAST LANSING, Mich. – Richard Spencer plans Monday to speak at Michigan State University, anti-fascist activist events, students and community members who gather for a rally against the white nationalist message. Hours before the start of the police speech to restrict access to the site, demonstrators, including masked antifascists, met outside.

The Spencer Institute Policy has attempted to organize events on college campuses across the country. But some presidential universities rejected the request after March being an energy source, which declared the University of Virginia slogan. held in Charlottesville the next day, the meeting encountered a violent confrontation, one of them was killed and dozens injured.

The next day, MSU officials rejected Spencer’s request to talk about public universities and asserted security concerns. But in January, as well as the trial sponsor, the school agreed to justify the event on campus. “The situation in michigan is totally committed to freedom of expression, not just as a public institution, but in higher education,” the university said in public statements in January. “Here are ideas – not people – aim to leave an impression and evaluate their abilities”

MSU Spencer arrives on campus

Spencer’s speech came in the present tense, which are matters of raw materials such as race, politics and national identity, freedom of expression and cultural preferences of the academic world. On the days Spencer spoke at the University of Florida, the governor declared an emergency. MSU Spencer arrives on campus and talks about sexual abuse, which forces the president of the former university warehouse and draws numerous surveys and tests.

Campus this week, interest rates, which are no coincidences. Tables and sites – agricultural and animal pavilions – were selected by university officials to minimize disruption and violence on campus.

The pavilion is a small arena, south of the campus core. In addition, agricultural land is mainly used in this study.

However, demonstrators have already begun to gather clear, legal, but sky, parking, about a half mile from the pavilion to the north. And they want to get closer. The back cover has students, colleges and populations known as Stop Spencer MSU, and proposes the margin of one hundred pavilions.

Josh Lown, Mich., Hosted by protesters and graduate students, said he wanted to avoid violence and disrupt Spencer’s appearance as much as possible. They have introduced copper bands and hope to attract hundreds of people. He said that he wanted to give Richard Spencer and his team that they were not welcome here. We are a very loving and diverse society, and we do not want that sound to be normal. ”

The group said on social networks that they should “defend racist and fascist attacks on all campuses and all societies” and “should oppose fascism, racist, university administration, police and ICE and the government was involved in the attacks of our enemies and our society “.

Right north of the pavilion, a vast array of organizations, including the city of East Lansing, graduate student government, MSU College Democrats, college Republicans, the local chapter of the Black Lives article, and group work of spiritual religion on a busy day when you try to ignore Spencer.

President of the Presidential School Council, Ashley Fuente, spent two hours with about 30 meals and voluntary cartons for food on wheels. “I think the way the congregation is united is simply incredible,” Fuente Spartan said of affection and unity.

Democrats, Republicans and libertarians

It is important to incorporate, as well as the university community on a large scale, says East Lansing city council member Aaron Stephens, MSU senior. He said that having all major political groups on campus – Democrats, Republicans and libertarians – signs merge the two: “If you believe in white supremacy, you do not accept me with politics, you morally with me still disagree if we disagree on the subject in which we agree, that all are equal and deserve to be treated. ”

The student government sponsored the free Black Panther show in the afternoon and bought a 270-seat theater where participants received a home.

Throughout the church of the holy bishops, north of the campus of Rev. Kit Carson, rector of the Church, they are “a little overwhelmed” by the celebration to celebrate the diversity they want to organize on Monday, more than 1,000 people on the line RSVP accessible

This is an opportunity to bring people together, strengthen joints and values, tolerance, caring and diversity and really try to ignore what is happening in the pavilion as we can, “says Carson.

The exhibition offers a variety of work, different cultural cultures and speakers.

“Certainly people say too much anger and he can say it in his face, which is not our duty today,” Carson said. “The only thing that worries me about the anti-fascists and the protesters is that sometimes you hate it when the two groups are arrested, if that’s the case, you bought Spencer’s story.”

On Monday, Spencer said it was “very sad” that they were accusing or threatening to blame the university simply because they had the right to participate in a public discussion forum. “Obstacles continue to increase – it is very difficult to continue,” he said. “But we need … as the opposition increases, we know we will have more impact.”

He said he would be anti-fascist. “They are a big problem for the police.”

University spokesmen have raised questions for police and polytheists in the country and have sent links to academic degrees awarded since January.

Friday reported campus news, state news, interim president of the MSU, John Engler, addressed the message to the man: “No one related to the state of Michigan called it a small group of hate. I suspect they will receive the support “The High Achievement of versatile scientific society exposes the daily racial rhetoric of fraud.

“But they came here with the hope that they gained energy by increasing censorship,” Engler said. “If we take the bait – if we turn to anger – just support the irrational arguments that underpin the ideology of persecution, they are news headlines, they miss the confrontation, because without the message they hate are deaf ears.” opponents ignoring events and avoiding the region.

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