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The explosion revolves around passenger traffic to New York, a suspect in a detention center

NEW YORK – The Port Authority terminal in a New York, one of the city’s busiest passenger hubs, exploded Monday morning and police said one suspect was wounded and arrested and three others were reported

Police have not yet recognized the device used. Local TV channel WABC has taken police sources out of the possibility of exploding underground bombs and WPIX citing sources telling the men “potential second device” that will be carried out in the subway tunnel.

Fire Department of Twitter that four injured, all are not life threatening. One of the wounded was the police authorities at the port.

The bus station is temporarily closed, port authorities in New York and New Jersey said on Twitter.

Manhattan road is closed to traffic

The Manhattan road is closed to traffic, from 45th Street to 40th Street and 7th Avenue to 9th Avenue, police said. Subway stations go to the city’s busiest Times Square station.

“The stairs went up the stairs to get out,” said Diego Fernandez, one of Port Authority’s business travelers. “Everyone is afraid and ran and cries.”

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and President Donald Trump received information about the event. New York governor Andrew Cuomo was on the scene.

The WABC reported that the suspect was in his twenties and in Bangladesh, and he had lived in the United States for seven years and had his address in Brooklyn, New York.

The first crash report starts at 7:00 GMT (GMT 1200 GMT) at peak times of the city. New York sees a rush of visitors coming up to see large exhibits, Christmas trees at Rockefeller Center and Broadway projects.

Incident broke the financial markets

News of the incident broke the financial markets when trade began this week. Standard & Poor’s 500 futures contracts, gains, the dollar weakened against the yen and US cash stocks obtained with a moderate flight offer for security.

The event lasted less than two months after Uzbekistan killed eight people by sending a rental car on the New York Pathway for an allegedly responsible attack on the Islamic state.

In September 2016, a person was injured by more than two dozen people when he executed a homemade bomb in Chelsea, New York.

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