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The engine explodes during a flight in the southwest

The woman was almost exhausted on Tuesday from a flight from Southwest Airlines when the engine exploded in the air, causing the shrapnel to break the eaves by the frightened passengers.

Left Flight 1380 – leading to Dallas from LaGuardia Airport – suddenly flew around at 11:30 as the plane was at Philadelphia, informing social media travelers.

143 passangers in Southwest flights

A bit of the shrapnel from the explosion blew out the window and the female passenger was a partially drained hole and sent her colleagues trying to save her.

One passenger, a woman, was partially … taken to the plane … pulled by other passengers, “said Todd Baur.

Marty Martinez, who was on board the plane, said that the female leaflet – it was not clear whether she was the same woman who was almost exhausted – suffered a chaotic heart attack.

“Someone in the plane had a heart attack, and it looks like the engine blew when a window was opened,” he said on Facebook. “We’re still on the plane and trying to revive the woman on the plane.”

Boeing 737-700 made an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport where its 143 customers and five crew members were deplanned, Southwest said in a statement.

Joe Marcus put a photo of a broken aircraft engine at the bottom with the title: “What a flight he did!

The airline immediately gave no official insight into what caused terrible disturbances

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