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The college will unlock the “trusted” threat

New York State College is blocked after receiving “a real and credible threat.” Utica College students are invited to stay where they are and hide, ABC reports. Armed officers are on campus, receiving two phone calls, warning of plans to “take action” at the Gordon School of Science Center. The message on the official Facebook page reads: “UC ALERT: Utica College is now stuck in a true and credible threat.” Each campus should remain protected in its place.

Go to a safe place and stay there until you say the shield has been lifted. “The second message says:” It remains intact when you get instructions for UC Alert to do something else. “There are armed police officers on campus, they follow all instructions on law enforcement.” And the third message, dispatched briefly after noon, said: “The construction of the armed personnel will be managed soon.” Notice the full application of the law “If you are sheltered in the right place, you must be empty and safe.” where you are guided by law enforcement. “

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