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The Alabama Senate race expelled at the last minute, still very close to convening – Roy Moore and Doug Jones

Two high profile substitutes for Roy Moore and Doug Jones have reviewed their final claim Alabama Cliffhanger is the US Senate Racing.

Moore, largely missing from the publicity after being charged with sexual abuse, was arrested the night of a political aide to Stephen K. Bannon for President Trump, a southeastern country.

Trump emphasized the recorded message that a former high-ranking leader was at the forefront.

In Midland City Moore, meet the supporters. “We are Alabama, we are Republicans and we do not leave behind and others in the state and California money has such an election,” he said.

Jones wonders in Birmingham and Montgomery, concentrating on the democratic core, but also Republicans may follow the guidance of senior GOP Senator Richard C. Shelby, Moore dismissed by commissioning another candidate.

“People from this country, they chose Richard Shelby for four decades,” Jones said at a breakfast buffet in Birmingham. “They heard Richard Shelby.”

This match should not be close. Alabama is one of the most conservative and democratic goals.

In the last two decades, half of the thousands of senators do not have Democrats crack up to 40%. Atty. General Jeff Sessions – an earlier session held during a special general election on Tuesday – received a symbolic opposition in 2014 and won elections by 97 percent of the vote.

Roy Moore’s controversy

But Moore’s controversy before – he established double the Supreme Court’s law on the abolition of federal law – and allegations that he had been harassed by two teenagers and was forced to prolong several others because he was a thirty-changed medal years.

Moore, 70, could not deny the allegation and did so again on Monday night.

“They came to national television after 40 years of waiting,” he said, “when I served in three agencies stated, led five national campaigns, three regional campaigns … and that was never mentioned.”

Together with Bannon, who voted for Moore to vote for Trump, the rally marked the appearance of a former military captain who served in Vietnam’s Moore.

Bill Staehle acted on the witness’s character that they had never noticed prostitution where Roy Moore was on his heels and left him. “This is Roy Moore,” the New Jersey lawyer said. “Honest, disciplined, honest and morally honest.”

He compared the errors of sexual error with ‘ambush’

“Everything is not good,” Staehle said.

Beyond the personal drama, the political commitment on Tuesday was great.

The Jones victory played most Republican senators down from 51 to 49 and gave the Democrats a huge boost in the long-term bid to gain power in 2018.

After a hesitation, Trump Moore, who was present at the border with Florida Pensacola, defended and introduced the rokalisismo that connects his victory in the political destiny on Tuesday.

“I will stop immigration and illegal crime, build stronger forces and protect our review and values ​​of our lives,” Trump said as a recorded message. “But if the liberal Democrats in Alabama voted for Doug Jones, all our developments would cease to be legal.”

Former President Obama and his former Vice President Joe Biden attended his own Democrat call.

“Seriously, you can not think about it,” Obama said during a call. “Doug Jones is a hunter by similarity, one step further, Doug is our champion, so go and vote in Alabama.”

Obama can be very helpful in motivating African Americans to vote for Jones – and Moore, who questions whether the country’s first black president was born in the United States.

However, approval does not necessarily have an undivided advantage. Jones, 63, a former federal and state government attorney, has elevated democracy to nationalities that are widely held on a small scale in this deep southern state.

“The only robocall I know for sure is my wife,” Jones said.

He ended the day with a rally in Birmingham with a legendary former NBA star and Alabama basketball legend, Charles Barkley.

“In one step,” Barkley said, “we should end up as a fool to people.”

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