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Suicide Attacks Kill 5, Wounds 19 In The East Of Mosul

At least five people were killed and 19 wounded in two suicide attacks on Friday that Iraqi military positions and a restaurant in eastern Mosul hit, medical sources said.

The man believed to belong to the Islamic state exploded-Sayidati al-Jamila (“My Fair Lady”), a restaurant at lunchtime, killing at least four people and wounding 15.

The second attack was a car bomb that killed one soldier and wounded another four al-Nour district.

Both circuits have recently taken a militant group that supported by US Iraqi forces. Belt Explosive style normally used by the suicide detonated in al-Zuhour without injuries.

Mosul Islamic state

The attack, which was launched in October for Mosul Islamic state suspended last month after Iraqi forces took over the entire area located east of the Tigris River that traversed the city.

Friday’s attack was the second major incident to take over the Iraqi army. A triple bombing killed at least 23 people in the eastern suburbs Kokjali December 22

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