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Starbucks boss apologizes for the two black men being arrested

CEO of Starbucks hopes to “offer an apology face to face” after two blacks have been arrested while waiting for someone in one of the chain cafes.

In his statement, Kevin Johnson said the company would do everything in our power to do things right after the “desperate situation that led to the conviction.”

Questioned why they were arrested

The shot showed the officers in Philadelphia that they were taking the men in the tune, because the audience insisted that the couple did nothing wrong.

A video that was seen on Twitter a million times shows a white man who told officers he came to meet the two men and questioned why they were arrested.

Melissa DePino, who sent a shot, said: “Everyone else (white) asks why it never happened to us when we do the same.”

Mr. Johnson said he hoped to “personally meet the two men who were arrested to offer an apology” face to face “.

He said that the company intends “to investigate the relevant facts and make the necessary changes to our practices that would help prevent such occurrence from recurring.”

The company “stands firm against discrimination or racial profiling,” he added.

“Unfortunately,” continued Mr. Johnson, “our practices and training have led to a bad result – the basis for the Philadelphia Police Department call was wrong.

“Our merchant never intended to arrest these people, and that should never have been a step.”

Next week, there will be a “nationwide meeting that shares our learning.”

Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney said he was “broken” about an incident that “looks like an example of racial discrimination in 2018.”

But police commissioner Richard Ross insisted that his officers “absolutely nothing wrong” when employees in the shop reported a breakdown and a transfer.

He said the staff told officers that both men wanted to use the bathroom in the cafe but were told that it was only for paid customers.

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