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Spotify is broken with Premium Pirates with free service

Spotify’s music service stands out prominently for users who use the streaming media streaming version to benefit from premium membership without paying for the Torrent Freak website, which reports copyright and pirated news.

Spotify users who have been using the illegal software version have begun to receive emails from companies claiming that “abnormal activity” came from their application. The affected user opted out, but did not redirect him.

We detected abnormal activity in your app, so we disabled it. Do not worry – your Spotify account is protected, “Spotify’s email is read.

Download the Spotify application

The message prompted the user to “remove the unauthorized or modified Spotify software version and download the Spotify application” from a certified official market such as the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Spotify’s strong performance targets users using apps with Spotify features specifically online and provides users with a premium service subscription, which is typically $ 10 per month.

With the hacked version of Spotify, users with a free account can listen to music without ads and ignore as many songs as you want. Free standard accounts should be directed to advertisements after every few numbers and can only ignore six songs per hour.

The pirated Spotify version is available on all web sites for users who know where to see it. Given the recent action of Spotify recently, it seems that many of these options will return to the shadows.

Recently, Android Police announced that one of Spotify’s applications distorted – an application called Spotify Dogfood – reached the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which states that attractive developers are offline.

Earlier this year, the International Business Times reported finding an online cracking tool that hackers could use from existing Spotify accounts. The kidnapped accounts are then sold online through the blind network to users who pay a fraction of the monthly premium rate to Spotify’s premium services.

The scope of Spotify reach is difficult to measure. The company recently announced that it has a total of 159 million monthly active users, of which 71 million pay the company’s compensation. Perhaps a very small percentage of 159 million users have used a temporary solution.

No matter how small a percentage, Spotify will probably solve the problem before being officially exposed. Last week, Spotify finally released a long-term IPO that the company was worth $ 1 billion. So far, the broadcast media have tried to make a profit despite reporting a net revenue of $ 4.09 billion in 2017.

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