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South Korea and the United States launched air traffic between North Korea’s alert for nuclear war

The United States and South Korea on Monday with a huge airborne drill, North Korean measure could not take into account the Korean peninsula to push “nuclear war and urge Russia and the China to convene them.

The quotes came a week later, North Korea said it tested the ballistic missile among the most advanced continent that could reach the United States as part of an armed program committed against international denials and curses.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said it was “unfortunate” that not all parties had understood the “window of opportunity” symbolizing the relative calm of the new two-month test in the North.

China and Russia suggested that the United States and South Korea stop large military exercises in response to the arrest of the North Korean military. Beijing officially mentions the idea of ​​”double crime” proposals.

The annual drill competition of the United States and South Korea, called Ace Vigilant, continues on Friday and six F-22 Raptor Stealth fighters were stationed on more than 230 aircraft.

The Commonwealth of North Korea convened the country, called US “president” Donald Trump, “crazy” on Sunday and said the practice “could end the Korean peninsula in nuclear war.”

F-35 fighter took part

The F-35 fighter took part in the training, as the number of the top five fighters has joined, according to a US Air Force spokesman.

About 12,000 US troops and fleets will join the South Korean army. The participating aircraft passed from eight North American and South Korean military installations.

South Korean media reported that the B-1B Lancer bomber could take part in this week’s training. US Air Force representatives can not verify the reports.

Trump said last week that significant sanctions would be imposed on North Korea following a ballistic missile test between Pyongyang’s mainland.

Earlier this month, Trump put North Korea back on the list of state aid for terrorism, which gave the US the opportunity to impose more penalties.

Russia has accused the United States of trying to provoke North Korean leader Kim Jong-un “off” a missile program to give Washington a reason to destroy its country.

During the Beijing bulletin, Wang said that China is always opposed to all behavior that increases tension.

“And the measures that do not comply or not with the UN Security Council resolution do not have an international legal policy and violate the rights of UN members,” Wang told a request for another possible US blockade in North Korea.

Chinese Air Force

The Chinese Air Force said on Monday that its surveillance plane was carried out in the last days of training in the Yellow Sea and East China Sea “to enhance combat capabilities and safeguard the strategic importance of the country.”

The aircraft took over previous flights in areas that had never been in the past, and coordinated fighters, emergency planes and missile teams, Shen Jinke spokesman, according to the official microblogging air force.

The joint operation between South Korea and the United States is designed to increase capacity and capacity for operation and ensure peace and security on the Korean peninsula, the US military said before the start of training.

The North KCNA news agency, referring to a National Department spokesman, said on Saturday the Trump administration “has called for hostilities in nuclear warfare through extremely dangerous nuclear speculations on the Korean Peninsula.”

North Korea regularly uses state media to threaten the United States and its allies.

North Korea tested dozens of ballistic missiles and held a sixth and largest nuclear bomb test in September, breaking the U.N.

He says his weapons program is indispensable to defending American plans to attack. The United States, which has 28,500 troops in South Korea, inherited 1950-53 from the Korean War, denied such intentions

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