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Snow causes accidents, spin-outs all CT Saturday

Middletown, CT (WFSB) –

State police handled more accidents on the road on Saturday because of the situation left by Winter Storm Breanna.

time soldiers kept busy all day on Saturday. State police said they were called to the 115 accidents and about “94 help drivers, especially spin-out and a vehicle stuck in the snow.” Accident and help between 10: 00-04: 00

The north and south side of Interstate 91 was closed between exits 20:25 due to various accidents, Saturday afternoon.

There was an accident involving 20 vehicles on southbound I-91 in Middletown, near exit 21 around 13:00 accident with three trucks and tankers. But no serious damage.


Some victims of the accident were taken to Middlesex Hospital. hospital added, however, that “does not see an overall increase in patients due to the storm.”

After cleaning the accident, police said the highway was reopened around 6:00

Northern I-91 is closed between 20:25 exits due to various accidents, in a short period of time.


Various crashes along with to a jack-knifed big tractor-trailer were reported to the side of southbound.

There are also a number of car accidents were reported in the south on I-91 in Cromwell between exits 23 and 22S.

A motor vehicle hit a pole at 205 Route 66 in Columbia


crashed but no damage

A motor vehicle is crashed into a pole in Tolland around 12:30 accident was reported in the area Tolland Stage Road and Evergreen Drive. There was no damage.


AMR ambulance is said to add additional ambulance response storm. There are 22 to 25 ambulance on the way. However, due to weather conditions, the reaction time is slower on Saturday.

Officials with AMR ambulance, including Hartford, West Hartford, Newington, Bloomfield, Tolland, Vernon, Ellington, Putnam, said they were called to 85 emergency calls and eight fell on the ice conditions. There is also an increase in traffic accidents.

AMR ambulance was involved in an accident in Manchester. Officials said there were no injuries.

AMR officials asked the family to clean sidewalks and driveways, as quickly as possible, in case of an emergency to facilitate access to residence.

AAA also busy as Winter Storm Breanna.


Troopers issued the following tips to stay safe on the road during a snowstorm Connecticut:

Increase the following distance
avoid distractions
Running on the track traveled
Make sure the lights

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