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Six employees killed, International Committee of Red Cross

Six of the Red Cross employees were killed in the International Committee and the other two were missing in Afghanistan, the ICRC said on Wednesday. While the President is not responsible in Kabul, he said it was “ruined”.

If the supply of acoustic influenza to the affected areas is deadly in the north, the workers killed in the northern part of the Census, in the flying volcano.

ICRC Identity

The International Committee of the Red Cross said they no doubt ignored the identity of the group that killed them, the nationality of the victims and a definitive assault. “We are shocked and desperate,” the Red Cross spokesman complained that more details would be announced later.

Afghan officials said, in turn, that the ICRC fell into ambush in the Jihad Islam (EI) of citizens. “Daech (EI) is very active in this area,” said the Duchess governor.
No Peter Maurer

If the humanitarian workers were more affected by the conflicts in Afghanistan, killing ICRC workers who were kidnapped on December 19th took place only weeks after the release of Spain.

Black day

ICRC Peter Maurer, Twitter presentation president “deep condolence for the dead – and who is still missing.” Yves Daccord, General Manager in turn, talked about a “black day”

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