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Shooting in the French city strasbourg christmas market

Shooting in the French city of Strasbourg at least 1 dead man and several others injured near the popular Christmas market of the city, officials said. Local police said they responded to a “major public security event” and warned residents to stay out of the area.

The French Interior Ministry called on the public to stay in the house, and authorities urged residents to comply with police instructions. “Our security and rescue services are mobilized,” Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said.

The well-known market in Strasbourg is set up around the city’s cathedral during Christmas and becomes an important meeting point. It was not clear if the market was targeting the attack or if there was any link to terrorism.

France has been hit by several extremist attacks, including Paris missiles, which killed 130 people in hundreds and injured hundreds, and an attack on Nice trucks, which killed dozens in 2016.

France shooting

Some residents of Strasbourg reported on the media that they heard shooting in some parts of the city center.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe tweeted that “the situation is still in full swing, the priority being security forces and rescuers.”

President Emmanuel Macron put down a meeting in the presidential palace on Tuesday night to watch events, his office said.

Strasbourg, about 310 kilometers east of Paris, is the seat of the European Parliament and on the border with Germany.

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