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Sherman Alexie mourns accusations of sexuality

Sherman Alexie apologized amid an anonymous sexual charge that surfaced last week on the internet.

Seattle – Sherman Alexie, famous writer in the Pacific Northwest, laments Wednesday during anonymous sexual accusations.

“Over the years I’ve done things that have ruined others who also love in person,” Alexie said in a statement late Monday. “For them, I was offended, I apologize for my apologies.”

Alexia’s allegations are vague and appear to be a first anonymous comment published publicly in an article in the School Publishing Magazine for Children’s Schools. In the article, Alexie was not named, but the commentary posted is at least five anonymous claims, including “Sherman Alexie # I am also …”

Alexie, who “truly is a true and true journal in India,” writes more than a dozen books that are often based on experience when he grew up in the Indian reservation of Spokane in Washington.

Alexie claimed

The Seattle Times reported a reaction to Alexie, where he did not address special complaints, but said “do not remind people who are most threatening physically, verbally or professionally.”

February 23, twitter writer Litsa Dremousis, for months, met the allegations of Sherman Alexie.

“I counted more than 20 women who blamed him for harassment,” he said.

Dremousis and Alexie claimed to have had sexual intercourse when he was married.

Online madness has caused a downturn in Indian literature and community. On Monday, the American Indian Art Institute was reported in Santa Fe, New Mexico, that “some recent issues about the relationship between Sherman Alexie received the Iaia UM Program” and the Sherman Alexie Scholarship called the UM Student Scholarship .

On Wednesday, a spokeswoman for the American Library Association, who Alexie received the Carnegie Medal, in response to questions in the magazine that estimated the following steps were.

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