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Sexual harassment is shameful for the golden winter Olympics Shaun White

PYEONG CHANG, South Korea – Shaun White argues that the song was violently raped at Phoenix Snow Park on Tuesday. The song “No Mountain High Enough” and the lyrics seem to fit: “No wind, rain or winter can not stop me, baby …”

Won the third gold medal

White, 31, has just produced two near-final semi-finalists to form a field for qualifying rounds. On Wednesday he left himself and everyone else in the final. He won the third gold medal in four Olympic visits with 97.75 points dominating in the last round and the Japanese junior winner Ayumu Hirano, who sent 95.25 for the second race.

11 White’s competitors averaged 21.9 years and led by Hirano, 19, who last month was the first snowboarder to bounce back in 1440 or four laps. When White, 31, was Hirano’s time, he won two of his first Olympic games in 1080.

Defending by the sport he revolutionized, the 1440s that were not backed up at the end of Wednesday – the trick in October led to losing training drills, producing parts that needed 62 loops. “I see these young people doing a great deal and putting me on the fire,” White said.

That’s right. Hirano cut some irrational and disconnected interruptions during the second round, but he fell into the third and final stage. This leaves the door open for White, presenting his life to lead to earn his third career in his career and after the first year of 2010. He was in fourth place in Sochi four years ago.

Finding more complex tricks is coded in adrenaline athletes seeking DNA as White that move from generation to generation.

It’s just a sporting development, “White said.

But resist the limit, athletes also reject their own destiny.

Visibly out of the game, Olympic 2014 winner Iouri podladtchikov, who last week walked away from the imminent impression of a major loss he experienced in the fall of Winter X Games last month in Colorado. Podladtchikov (29) participated in the Phoenix Park Park training before announcing that he was “totally insecure or responsible” to compete. On Twitter, Podladtchikov wrote: “Unfortunately, my brain needs time to recover from bruises and I can not compete.”

The fall fell half on Wednesday, when Yuto Totsuka, 16, the youngest finalist, ricochette and set the second wall. He landed on a rough piece and injured her waist. His guard was a soldier who stopped him in the car and abandoned him from work. The manager of the Japanese team said that Totsuka knew and was placed in a hospital nearby. The lesion is not considered serious.

The day before the man’s final claimed Chloe Kim, 17, of two 1080 – as White 12 had already done – on the way to half the female gold. When he guides Kim’s relatives to patiently watch from the bottom of the hill. He asked what the trick was most concerned, said Kim Boran Yun’s mother, “the whole game from start to finish”.

When Kim is married to her, one of her best friends, Emily Arthur from Australia, estimates her injury after she was planted at the end of the third race. Arthur, 18, the eleventh, remained in the snow for a time before trembling. He had a bloody nose, swollen lips and swollen eyes, and he said his principal was damaged, but then told Australian journalist Channel 7: “I’m fine and alive”

About 7,000 miles away, Kevin Pearce was shocked by Arthur’s fall as he witnessed his last home in Vermont. “It looks like he hopes to take it seriously enough and get the help he needs,” Pearce said in a telephone interview.

According to an Australian team official, Arthur observed a team doctor who did not consider himself a burden, but said the next 36 hours.

Arthur’s accident reminded him of the bad leaks he ran in the 2010 US games. A few days later, his head did not feel right, Pearce said, but he kept his symptoms – nausea, slowness and mental health – to himself. He is expected to challenge the White Vancouver gold medal and he does not want to jeopardize his chances of making the Olympics.

Less than two weeks later, Pearce suffered a traumatic brain injury during training when he bumped his head on the edge of the crescent. He lived for weeks. After that, he said he believed he was shaking early in the fall and participated in a fall that ended his race.

When Podladtchikov, known as IPod, retires from the Olympics, Pearce wrote him about Instagram’s praise for wisdom and courage to “take advantage of another gold medal.” He knew his head was not in the right place. ”

Pearce wanted Arthur to look so cautious. “I hope he can take control and watch it between my people and iPod,” he said. “With your brain you never know if you’re O.K so late.”

Pearce and his younger brother Adam, following snowboarding, demanded a tremor management protocol, which requires young athletes to undergo basic tests – a computer that estimates response times, memory, speed of mental manipulation, and executive management measuring the brain. If they fight, they can be tested and given points compared to their bases.

“We do not say that snowboarding is very dangerous,” Adam Pearce said in a telephone interview, “but that makes sense because we can not pay more attention to what can not be possible.”

Kevin Pearce

Pearce’s brothers stepped back as a result of their discomfort to nonprofits, LoveYourBrain, to increase brain awareness in the brain. Kevin Pearce, 30, continues to experience this double vision, but his vision has improved, so he recently played the glasses they had worn over the past eight years.

March is the brain injury awareness month, and Pearce and his siblings are gearing up for international programs aimed at developing flexibility and community through yoga, the ultimate spirit of Pearce. “I think it’s great to have time to pay attention,” he said, “and I do not think I’ll say now if I’m ready for the Olympics.”

Pearce and his brothers on vacation in the Bahamas are planning to visit FaceTime during the men’s semifinals. Pearce says he can put him back in his boots “the most nervous place in his life and then throw away the most terrible tricks.”

He will not change the place with anyone. Even his ex-rival, White, whose age and rabbit would murmur under pressure, would not surprise him, but he said, “I do not know how many people used me when I was on snowboard, how many spirits I had in tricks now I am so many people, He is very nice.

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