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Senator Elizabeth Warren took the statement from Trump Pocahontas

After the joke was Sena. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts during a White House ceremony honoring the Navajo Code of Heroes, Warren is using the words of the president of the fundraiser and told supporters that Mr. Trump had given a “unpleasantly low” decline. ”

“You’ve probably heard that Donald Trump calls me” Pocahontas. “He did this on Twitter, meetings, as well as official meetings at the White House,” Warren wrote in Monday’s email fundraiser that “the worst kouristus politiikka “.

Trump was organized by Code speakers during the event at the Oval Office on Monday, when he walked away from his prepared statement, commenting on how long the Indians lived in the United States.

“You’re very special, you’ve been here a long time before you’re here even if we have a representative in Congress who said he’d been here a long time ago and they called him Pocahontas, but you know what, because you’re special, said Mr. Trump.

India replied Trump’s “Pocahontas”

In his e-mail, Warren pointed to the term “racial racist” because the president did it because “he thought he could intimidate and lock me up.” He thought he could intimidate and silence someone he wanted. ”

Trump had already called “Pocahontas” in Warren’s inheritance. This controversy is due to a Senate Campaign, which he can not convince to prove that he has an Indian heritage.

The senator said he had heard the legacy of his parents and the family of his grandparents as “all others.” He stated that he never asked and never used it.

Warren, who appears on MSNBC, was only notified, said the president “wants to forget” things, such as tax renewal and controversy with the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.

“We do not stop having middle-class families and we will not oppose the users.

He said that the final financial support, “Donald Trump shows that we are racial lies are tired of working to win his agenda Donald Trump is my family continues to attack – but I will continue to fight against his

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