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Senator Al Franken has waived allegations of sexual harassment

WASHINGTON (AP) – Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota announced on Thursday he would resign “in the weeks to come” after the Senate to support the demise of the Democrats, and the highest being a victim of a growing list of lawmakers who slammed allegations of sexual harassment or indiscretions

“My Senate is aware that the irony is that I will leave when a man, blessed with his historical tape of sexual violence, is in the Oval Office and the man who was hunted by the often young campaign.” With the full support of the party, “Franken said.

Frank also said he was ready to “fully cooperate” in the Ethics Committee’s ethics investigation, but he decided to leave his office as it was clear he could continue to research and residents of Minnesota. However, he stated that he was finally released.

Al Franken said

“Some people argue against me is not true,” Franken said. “I remember in my heart that I am nothing like a senator, do nothing, it is a shame for this institution, and I am convinced that the Ethics Committee agrees.”

He also said he was “surprised” and “surprised” by allegations of intimidation and that the response to allegations of men could give “a false impression that he has admitted any allegations. to work actively outside the Senate.

The worst political day of Elämänni seems to me that everything is worth it. “Politics,” says Paul Wellstone, “about improving people’s lives, I know that the work I’ve done has improved people’s lives and I’m going to do it again in a few moments.

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