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Secret intelligence sources emphasized Israel Trump Federation

WASHINGTON – President Intelligence announcements revealed last week that US officials in Trump White House are acquiring knowledge of the United States, acquiring knowledge of the United States and Israel, according to the old e. More potential complications diplomatic chapter Revelation.

Israel is one of the USA’s major allies and leader collectors of information in the Middle East. Trump repercussions may harm relations between the two countries, some of Russia’s most sensitive information about Israel has been released. At the same time, information leads to the possibility of transferring close alliance between Iran, Russia and Israel the greatest threat to the Middle East.

Israeli officials have not confirmed that Trump is the source of information. Ron Dermer confirmed in the statement to the New York Times that the two Israeli ambassadors to the United States had a close working relationship with violence

Israel has full confidence in the intelligence relationship with the US, and President Trump is looking forward to this relationship over the years, “said Dermer.

At a meeting with the Russian ambassador and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Trump terrorist conspiracy reveals the intelligence activities of the Islamic State. At least some of the details that came under the Israeli authorities of the United States related to the issue.

Civil servants were allowed to discuss the matter and spoke on condition of confidentiality, not to mention being cautioned while dealing with Israel, US data Trump argued.

Sharing intelligence

It is “right” to share information about terrorism and Twitter on Tuesday at Trump Turkey next to Recep Tayyip Erdogan, another short look at the White House later Tuesday, “very successful at the meeting”. Lieutenant General H. R. McMaster said that he is not worried about the national security asset adviser and those sharing intelligence partners.

As noted above, the President of the Foreign Secretary is well suited to calling and the president of the information is responsible for the routine change and the confusion that it is involved. “During a conference in the White House, McMaster said that Trump measures the accuracy of the information disclosed.

General McMaster said he did not know about the source of the information, the president decided to tell the Russians what they know.

But McMaster also seems to note that Thomas P. Bossert, Vice President of Internal Security and Tegenrorisme, CIA and Russian officials after the meeting of the National Security Agency. Other officials have indicated that intelligence agencies are moving to Russia to control illegal alienation.

General McMaster made the call to Mr. Bossert, but he did not confirm that he even suggested “could be more than cautious”. ‘

“It’s not clear why they leave you, Mr. Bossert,” McMaster said.

It is possible that the former employees are a superfluous Chairman, meaning that the meetings are too many, and that the administrative staff on both sides have often created a clear line in their offices to prevent the meeting from happening.

White House Trump told Israel of Israel’s concern for privacy. The newspaper reported that in January, American officials warned that what they say could be leaked to Trump Russia because the counterparts in Israel Trump V. President Vladimir V. Poeta transparency.

“Russia can put together a good picture with some details,” says John Sipher, senior senior CIA of 28 years who used the program during the Moscow century and the CIA service Russia for three years. “They can marry their own intelligence and the president of Trump comments to their intelligence allies, and they can mobilize additional resources to learn the details.”

This chapter could lead to far-reaching consequences, Democrats warned. With US officials, each country’s stock intelligence “US US president can not rely on this information to decide that badly this information can not be essential or not,” said California Representative Adam B. Schiff on the Democrats’ Parliamentary Intelligence Committee.

Political conference in Washington

“I hope that someone who looks at what President designed to protect the right information is so dangerous in terms of our national security,” said Mr. Schiff’s political conference in Washington supported by the Center for American Progress, the liberal group

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