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Sahara sources say the former Yemeni president was killed in Firman’s fight: al-Arabiya television

SANAA (Reuters) – Former President Ali Abdullah Saleh was killed in the Iranian war against the Houthi-led militia spreading in Yemen’s capital Yemen Sanaa, Saudi Arabia, al-Arabiya on Monday, citing sources from Saleh.

Al Arabiya quoted sources at the Saleh Universal Congress when he said he was killed with a sniper’s bullet. The spread of Houth’s video to social media shows Saleh’s body, dressed in a gray dress wearing a red cape. There was a deep wound on his head.

The previously unpublished images on social media did not show members of armed militias who opened their bodies feeling and shouting, “Thank God!” And “Hey Ali Affash!”, Another surname for Saleh.

The radio station controlled by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Houthin Yemen reported Saleh’s first death, but his party quickly denied it to Reuters, saying he was still carrying his troops in Sanaa.

Previously, on Monday, he was blowing Houthi, forcing the Sanaa Saleh and were on the second day of the Arab plane with air strikes, the villagers said.

The US-backed Arab air campaign led by the United States and other Western weapons and intelligences, there are hundreds of civilians, but the coalition has managed to achieve significant gains in almost three years of campaigning to revive internationally recognized Yemen, Abdullah. Rabbi Mansour Hadi, in power.

Saleh’s loyal supporters lost the sixth day, with Houthin’s heaviest urban wars, saying at least 238 deaths had increased to at least 125, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

“We support the most important words in hospitals that demand immediate armed packages,” said ICRC spokeswoman Iolanda Jaquemet in Geneva. “We are seeking applications for hospital hospitals that are really asking and expecting to provide fuel to large hospitals as they depend on generators.”

The United Nations asks the departure of humanity in Sanana from 10am to 4pm. so that people can get out of their homes, the people get to them and get injured for medical treatment.


Jamie McGoldrick, U.N. The humanitarian coordinator in Yemen said in a statement that the streets of Sana’s “battlefield” were made and the auxiliary worker “remained in Lockdown”.

McGoldrick warns parties in conflict of all intentional attacks against civilians and civilian objects and medical infrastructure “clearly violating international humanitarian law and perhaps war crimes.”

Residents reported morning and morning a fierce family battle that flooded their homes and the city’s error erupted. The coalition’s shop attracts Houth’s position as a clear entrepreneur to strengthen Saleh’s force, witnesses said

Larger struggle between Saudi and regional forces

The Salehi team’s restructuring with Arabia will give a crucial turning point in the war, which is part of a larger struggle between Saudi and regional forces in Iran.

The years of bleeding in Yemen have worsened misery in the poorest Arab countries and left at least 10,000 deaths due to the spread of hunger and disease.

At the United Nations, US Secretary of State Antonio Guterres urged combatants to end all land and airborne images. He also reconsidered all trade imports from Yemen, saying that millions of children, women and men are at risk of severe hunger, disease and death.

However, late Sunday in his speech, Saleh officially canceled his alliance with the Houthis and vowed to bolster their struggles.

Saleh, who has been heavily armed in tribal societies, was ruled by Yemen for 33 years before the end of the Arab revolt in 2011, and Shiiamuslimo Houth is a common goal for Hadi’s supporters.

But they compete with supremacy on the basis that they were together, including the Word, The Houth was kidnapped in September 2014 and their hatred occurred Wednesday opened in the battle separately.

Houth spokesman Mohammed Abdul Salam demanded a key victory at the battle of Sanay on Monday.

“With the help and approval of God, security forces who supported popular support last night were able to clear the area where fraudulent and fraudulent militias were committed,” he said in a statement.

The Al-Masirah television channel of the Houthi Movement and witnesses said that the Houthi hunters took the house to Saleh’s nephew, Tareq, the military chief.

Residents said war parties replaced automatic fire and heavy artillery when Houthis appeared in the Central Political District, Salt and shopping saved his family.

“We went only one day, the Houthi tank was fired and the bombs fell on our neighbors,” said Mohammed al-Madhaji, front row.

“The battle was so powerful that we feel we can die for a while, we can not leave our house.”

Houthis also reported that Houthis was also taken to the birthplace of Saleh in a village outside the Word, where he maintained a walled palace

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