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Russian probes form Trump loyalty test

Donald Trump’s current and former assistant representatives give their advice to simple clients: do not lie to protect the president.

The Special Counselor provides Robert Mueller and Congress for the quality of auxiliary scholars – such as Hope Hicks, Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer. In the coming weeks, Trump’s long history will be tested with the loyalty of its workers.

But strong Trump knew that the president of the Russian media case was close – and the last thing they wanted to do was that the answer eventually spawned the researcher.

Some lawyers representing old and former assistants are politicians and warn that they warn their clients that the property is not a pledge that binds them to Trump, does not prevent them from criminal charges if federal prosecutors could kill them by false, false or barriers to justice to do

What I always tell my clients is that you can not protect anyone. You can only get hurt, “said a lawyer representing Russia’s inquiry with a client. The lawyer said all possible protection Trump would have tried to close, which would make the situation worse for everyone.

“Trying to protect the story to protect someone is almost inevitable, disconsolate,” said the lawyer. “Everything you do is a responsibility that did not exist before.

Mueller’s research has expanded countless research on Capitol Hill to interact with the Trump Russe family and Trump’s Organization Transactions. Federal prosecutors and Congressional investigators do their homework as they are building meaningful requests for data for documents, interviews, and interviews.

So, say Trump supporters that they will not be pushed to customers, especially as one of Mueller’s best weapons and his team to leverage centers should be anyone who makes misleading statements or any triangle.

“Learning, what should always be taught, loyalty is one thing, but are you ready to go to prison?” Said Robert Ray, a former Whitewater lawyer. “The answer to this question should be”.

Recent history is full of examples of faithful workers who have decided to protect their superiors. Vice President Dick Cheney’s vice president, I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby was sentenced in 2007 to undergo federal authorities to name the secret CIA, and even President George W. Bush believed that Libby had attempted to protect his boss.

Webster Hubbell, a former Clinton Department of Justice employee, served 18 months of insomnia and tax evasion on charges related to his job, former Whitewater president and Hillary Clinton’s first lawyer. But Hubbell maintained his loyalty to the first couple while he was in jail and even faced additional costs associated with the independent board trial by Kenneth Starr.

Bush changed Libby’s prison, but the Republican president did not completely ignore Cheney’s request. Clinton also refuses to apologize to Hubbell.

Real consequences for people

Ray, who follows Starr’s special advice to investigate Witte House Clinton, saying the “good” policy is that “the system will work” for its secretaries and staff. But he also realizes “it presents some of the problems in a criminal investigation that has real consequences for people, as they can imagine.”

Loyalty is not a two-way street, “Ray said. Many young people go to the White House and are loyal to the loyal President and President. I’m filthy. If that makes sense, you are thrown under the bus. Actions should not be returned. However, I’m not sure if the promise or the forgiveness is good. ”

When Trump joined the front, they called for loyalty as an important ingredient to the President’s work.

Comey explained this to the Senate in June and explained how Trump told him about one of the first preparations: “I need loyalty, I look forward to faithfulness.” Although the defeated boss of the FBI has rejected the promotion of Trump, the people of Trump are full of loyalty. Cohen, in a recent Vanity Fair interview, tells how he sees himself as an extension of the presidential and lumber family to Trump, his account or criticism of his own family. “I am a man who will bullet the president,” Cohen told the magazine.

Trump is the most dedicated fan of the club’s name: “Eight combinations,” said White House chief consultant Kellyanne Conway to the Washington Examiner, representing the film provided after the Access Trump Vulkaire Access Hollywood video tape during the 2016.

Calling the witness was reported missing with Priebus and Spicer, former White House topwinnaars, who played many critical decisions of Trump, which became relevant in the case of Russia also fired state security adviser Michael Flynn, James Comey.

Also important Mueller and lawmakers in the hands of several Trump Resurrections long-term President vooraanrijzend of Hicks, one of Trump’s most trusted assistants, currently acting as interim director of the White House Rhona Graff, personal secretary said the chain of email , the Trump Tower controversy at last summer’s meeting, Trump’s prominent senior assistant, and the grime campaign of the Russian lawyer Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s personal lawyer

The researchers also sought the eldest son of President Donald Trump Jr., who last week was five hours last week, the Senate team to discuss the Trump Tower in June 2016. Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer, who interviewed the documents of the House intelligence committee; and Paul Manafort, former head of the Trump campaign

John Dean, the former White House adviser to Nixon, the public testimony in front of Congress plays a major role in exposing the Watergate cover, telling loyalty to the president how many judges, whether or not team get federal scientists to speak.

“It’s very interesting how it works,” he said. “I feel loyal to Nixon until he tries to destroy me, that’s loyalty.”

Many Trump Assisted Assistants are provided for legal research. Hicks made Robert Trout, a former US attorney in Baltimore responsible for private attorney, when Priebus and Don McGahn’s White House, both William Burck were depressed by former White House adviser George W. Bush.

Others ask about Trumpet’s loyalty to the Russian case, in fact being an insult. “Nothing to close or get rid of,” said Trump’s assistant White House assistant. “In all cases, he is not involved.”

White House lawyer Ty Cobb said Trump taught his team to work with Mueller and Congressional scientists. “The message is to kill all their people, they should listen to their own lawyers, but the White House wants them to work together and speak truth, and we hope they want it and this is the best knowledge.”

Cobb also describes the idea that Trump’s loyalty will exceed a man who tells the truth. “You can be loyal and respected and what is demanded by the president,” he said. “Candles and honesty and all these paintings, the perfect image are the benefits of justice, the White House and the Earth.”

Mueller spokesman declined to comment.

For the current Trump and the former conference room and meeting room for Mueller’s jury, the former federal prosecutor said protecting the witness could consider how former colleagues, like Trump, interpreted his moves.

“They do not want to see Republican circles John Dean, the traitor, who split the party,” said a former federal police officer who worked in special supporters. “They also need to worry if they seem to cooperate, so they are the target of the White House machine attack.”

Alex Whiting, a former federal prosecutor and Harvard Law professor, said Mueller would be happier to have recently completed Trump officials – including Priebus and Spicer, though he said both men should not be too careful.

“These people are concerned about their career and reputation,” he said.

Barbara Res, a former construction manager for the Trump Organization, who worked directly on Trump in posting, maybe some have done any public load area inside Trump. “Why are they loyal to him?” First assistants like Spicer and Priebus. “He looks after them like a stool.”

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