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Russian Presidential Election Vladimir Putin Won

Vladimir Putin won Sunday with a winning vote and extended his sovereignty to the largest country in the world for six years, when the western leg was on the way of hostility.

Putin’s victory stretches back to 2024, when he was 71 years old, during a century-old quarter. Only the Soviet dictator Josef Stalin prevailed for a long time. Putin promised to use the new era of Russia’s defense in the West and raise the standard of living.

Support of the state television

Expected outcome, VTsIOM’s exit study shows that Putin’s political landscape over the last 18 years earned 73.9% of the votes. With the support of the state television and the ruling party, and with about 80% approval, their victory is uncertain.

The Kremlin, while trying to increase voter participation, is seeking legitimacy on Sunday, while the opposition party is on the boycott call, while observers across the country send it to assess fraud.

Putin’s seven candidates are not under threat, opposition leader Alexei Navalny can not escape.

Russian Central Election Commission

Critics argue that employees give voters the chance to win the pie on the iPhone and reward for the best animations at the voting stations. The Russian Central Election Commission accepts irregularities, but it can ignore the broader criticism and declare that the general outcome is legitimate.

Putin’s loyalist, he said, is right with his fierce attitude toward the West.

I believe they understand that they will not affect our elections in the United States and the United Kingdom, “he said. Senator Igor Morozov, “Our people today understand the situation in Russia. ”

The next question after leaving was whether Putin did a demonstration like his opponent Navalny. Highly opposing politicians warn that if the police power is inflated too hard, the demonstrations could lead to street wars

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