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Russia expelled the 23 British diplomats and close the British Council

Moscow has expelled British diplomats and 23 to close the British Council in Russia after its multiple agents and the daughter of British land increased tension after the previous nervous breakdown.

On Saturday, the Russian Foreign Ministry asked the British ambassador to inform about the retaliation after 23 Russian diplomats were fired from the United Kingdom.

Close the British Council in Russia

However, the Russian Federation advanced and rejected all the cultural organizations of the British Council, which supported the British and British conception. The State Department also said that Rua Consulado Petersburg was closed.

External Relations Conservative Committee Chairman Tom Tugendhat said today on the 4th day of BBC Radio. “It is not surprising that British Council has decided to take revenge for 23 people, which is a great embarrassment for the Russian people, that they are making great efforts to teach Russian help in English and get them jobs and opportunities around the world.

“We must be clear – no 23 hundred diplomats from the United Kingdom and hundreds of Russians from these Russian Federation I’m trying not to use their nerve agents I can imagine putting the risk of a terrible death in Russia … while it is trying to kill people.

“So this is really a symbolic Federation and a typical example of Russia, used lie and propaganda as a way of war, and now it repeats its style.”

Stephen Kinnock said

Old English St. Petersburg director, trade union Stephen Kinnock said it was a “tragedy” for getting a cultural organization. “Today it shows again a serious and embarrassing regime of Putin,” he said.

He continued: “This is a cultural change work, they are working hard to help Russia to England and to support the English in Russia.

They create a conflict that comes from Russia itself as an international concern – builds confidence and enforces a long-term relationship that creates altogether positive movements of utterly cruel deaths on the streets of England.

Russian External Relations, Moscow, Laurie Bristow, British Ambassador Abroad, said: “We always depend on the safety and security of international rules of all countries, including Russia, to defend our values ​​against our allies, to make ourselves necessary and to attack in England, but only an attack.

“The crisis is like Russia, using chemical weapons developed in Russia, and the Federation of Chemical Weapons Federation has not informed the Federation, trying to kill two people, causing a shock to the UK and responsible for doing so is covered under the Chemical Weapons Convention.”

Great Britain Foreign Minister Boris Johnson has indicted Russian President Vladimir Putin for his daughter, Julia, who was in critical condition at the hospital after the intoxication of Sergei Skripal himself and the attack on March 4th. Putin’s spoken claims condemn

DS Nick Bailey, a police officer who was exposed by Novichok Salisbury’s agent, found no more critical rooms, said the NHS in England, but is still in hospital.

Although Russia refuses to interfere with the attacks of the Western countries, it is regarded as the ultimate character of the absence of Russian strangers. Putin is experiencing tension before Sunday’s re-election as president for another six years.

This week there are also new worries about the death of Russian businessman Nikolai Glushkov in London. Scotland Yard said Friday that he was attacked by his neck and opened a murder investigation.

Russia is also suspicious of Glushkov’s death and is launching his own investigation on Friday.

The Metropolitan Police said there is an open link to the attack against Glushkov and Scripals intoxication, but both cases faced Donald Trump’s electoral investigation as causing a warning in the West, whilst Russia was more credible in world politics.

United States to punish Moscow

The source of the nerve agent made by the Soviet Union Novichok Kingdom was unclear, how successful it was. Russia wanted the UK to distribute samples collected by scientists.

EU high-level diplomats are discussing the next steps at a meeting on Monday, and some of them were at the World Cup in Russia calling for a boycott this summer. British Prime Minister Theresa May is looking for a unified United States to punish Moscow.

Former British Ambassador Sir Roderic Lyne warned against a girl’s war.

“It’s not wise to do a muddy fight with the gorillas.

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