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Rick Pitino Captain, is a university in Louisville a day after the FBI arrested

Rick Pitino, a captain, is a university in Louisville a day after the FBI arrested 10 people accused of cheating and bribing in college basketball as editor of the sport Michael Eaves, who Wednesday night resides in the SportsCenter.

Earlier Wednesday, Pitino told his officials he should expect to leave the scandal. The sports director of the school, Tom Jurich, also entered on Wednesday.

An overseas security officer working for the FBI, the defendant removed Adidas and several other respondents to a $ 100,000 basketball player to sign players with limited public research at the University of Kentucky.

Complaints filed against the university’s allegations were not mentioned, but based on almost certain information from Louisville, that Adidas signed a sponsorship agreement in August for $ 160 million. Complaints have found that the student’s commitment to Louisville appears to be “nothing” in early June; Five Bowen Brian Bowen was surprised by much on June 3 when designing plans to play from school.

Complaints say at least two coaches at the university are aware of plans to buy players. In fact, security agents described one of the defenders – Jonathan Brad Augustinen, sponsor of the adidas-sponsored basketball. He said he hoped Adidas would fund student bribes because the relationship between the company and its coach was in school.

“No one goes faster than [Coach 2]” in Adidas, the agent describes Augustin as follows. The applicant did not identify the Coach ..

Pitino said in a statement today that he was surprised by allegations that he also ousted several other men’s basketball programs.

“If so, I am with a US law firm agreeing that this third, who has cast some bad actors, has made a fraud involving universities and basketball programs such as the University of Louisville.” .

Pitin’s resignation

Many people began calling Pitin’s resignation or dismissal when Louisville was involved in the FBI study.

In 2016, Pitino was convicted of a prostitution scandal where Louisville was rented for recruitment and recruitment services. In June, the NCAA Louisville made a four-year trial and fired in five Pitino games because he did not follow the program.

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