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Rex Tillerson Out Trump was replaced by Mike Pompeo Secretary of State

WASHINGTON – President Trump announced on Tuesday that Mike Pompeo, now C.I.A. leader, became secretary of state, replacing Rex W. Tillerson and ending a brief but stormy revolution as the country’s most important diplomat. Mr. Tillerson said that he was repeatedly in conflict with Trump on several important foreign policy issues.

Senior officials point out that Trump has decided to replace the new Tillerson team with talks with Kim Jong-un, a North Korean leader who wants to meet in May and several talks.

Trump said he replaced Pompeo C.I.A deputy. Director, Gina Haspel, who made her the first woman to lead an espionage agency. Both he and Mr. Pompeo need to strengthen the Senate to take office.

Mr. Tillerson supported Trump, but he denied and promised to keep working. But the distance to the initiates Trump was clear last week, when the President accepted the invitation to meet Mr. Kimi, the surprise of Mr. Tillerson, who was to Africa at that time.

His ad was focused on Pompeo without explaining his decision about Tillerson.

White House statement

Chief Mike CIA has been recognized by both parties to strengthen intelligence, modernize defensive and offensive capabilities, and establish strong ties with the international intelligence services of our friends and colleagues, “he said in the White House statement.

“I’ve learned from Mike well over the last 14 months and I’m convinced he’s the right person to work at this critical time,” he said. It will continue our program to restore the United States’ position in the world, strengthen alliances, oppose our opponents and strive to carry out a nuclear missile on the Korean peninsula.

Pompey, a former congressman, became God’s favorite Trump and pressed the president with his persuasive approach during the morning intelligence letter. Sometimes he does not agree with Trump – he agrees with the department over Russia’s absence in the 2016 elections – but he had relations with the president more effectively than Mr. Tillerson.

Choosing Ms. Haspel Pompeo C.I.A. Then Mr. Trump decides to take over non-outsourced. One last fall was Senator Tom Cotton Arkansas, one of the Capitol’s most Republican presidential allies, while he was beaten when a forerunner of Pompeo’s office moved, but the idea disappeared later.

Trying to negotiate a time war

Mr. Tillerson fought for his role after Trump left his advice to deal with Iran, he contradicted the Middle East and had passed a great tweeting message where he suggested that he was trying to negotiate a time war in North Korea.

Exxon Mobil’s former Exxon Mobil oil company, Tillerson, has long been considered an interesting cabinet option, though not uncommon. He has a lot of experience in the Middle East mill and knows the Russian venture Vladimir Putin to find oil in Russia.

But the initial enthusiasm for the foreign ministry’s corporate sensibilities was quickly lost because Mr. Tillerson seemed to be involved with diplomatic challenges to isolate foreign professional officers who often froze the main conversation.

The veteran diplomat, Mr. Tillerson, expressed a somber voice of male reputation, great experience and wealth saw what they expected to be followed by the president and watching, eventually turned against him, as he showed more interest in cutting the department rather than expand the influence of America

While other cabinet officials explained his goals, Tillerson was never a diplomatic priority as Trump’s slogan “First America,” the term he never stated. In more than eight months, Tillerson told his team in September that his main task was to improve the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, it never really interferes with what diplomats need to do with that greater efficiency.

Congress revolted and refused to approve the proposed cut of 30% for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But his position was clear: when money was deposited at the Pentagon and intelligence services, diplomacy seemed less valuable than American history.

As the turning point occurred when NBC News reported that Mr. Tillerson was invited by the “foolish” president, which made him an extra step to organize a press conference to strengthen and Trump stated that he never had eroavana.

Last summer, for a trip to Beijing, Mr. Tillerson told reporters that he already had “several, three” lines in North Korea to begin communication with the United States. The next day, Mr. Trump and refused on Twitter to say that Mr. Tillerson “wasted time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man.”

Save energy from Rex, “he added,” we’re doing what we do! “Later, Mr. Trump says he expects the secretary of his country to be stronger and the Chinese need to consider why Trump sends an ambassador whose message is the president’s disbelief.

Unsuccessful secretaries in history

Part of the reason for the Trump explosion At that time, Mr. Tillerson’s secret talks with North Korea shocked South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in, who called the White House to complain as people shifted information. Mr. Tillerson was unable to take into account the possible reaction of South Korea, it was one of the many embarrassing obstacles that he created as head of the diplomatic state for lack of his own experience and decided to move away from the diplomatic department.

Unlike Mr. Tillerson joining a long list of members appointed by the Trump Council, who have left or abandoned, including the first national security adviser to the chief of staff, chief of strategy, press secretary and secretary of the Ministry of Health .

Mr. Tillerson has some successes, including growing international isolation in North Korea and improved relations between Saudi Arabia and Iraq. But he would probably be one of the most unsuccessful secretaries in history, and the important reason is his poor management of God. Trump.

Although Mr. Tillerson spent the first month at work, Trump’s acquaintance during lunch, dinner, and meetings at the White House was never a great touch.

When the American childhood boss, Mr. Tillerson was angry when the president spoke to his boyfriend and made it a political event. When Trump refused to blame the white nationalist who marched in Charlottesville, Mr. Tillerson made it clear that Trump “spoke for himself” – and his secretary of state. The growing distance between men was apparent to Trump Asia in November, when Tillerson visited the jail where Senator John McCain already lived, an Arizona Republic regularly criticizing the president

But also a deep political dissent. Mr Tillerson wants to be part of a climate agreement in Paris; Trump decided to leave him. Mr. Tillerson supported nuclear weapons with Iran. Trump insults the “shame of the United States” agreement. And Mr. Tillerson believes in dialogue to resolve the North Korean nuclear crisis, but Mr. Trump repeatedly threatens military options.

The veteran diplomat said they did not remember that the president had weakened the secretary of the government in a tight situation. Chairman of the Board of foreign diplomatic missions Richard Haass, who served several Republican presidents, called on Mr. Tillersonia to stop after the trip from China. “Rex Tillerson received a bad hand and POTUS is sick,” he wrote a new tweet of lingua franca diplomacy with the abbreviation President of the United States. “For two reasons, it can not be a strong state and it must resign.”

But the part of Mr. Tillerson’s administration was the weak control of the Foreign Office. As a former senior liiketoimintaneuvotteluna, his leadership skills are considered the most important source.

But he was unable to quickly choose a trusted leader, leaving many critical units intact and nothing short of crippling a major decision in the department. In Washington, he hosted a global conference eight days before the event and confirmed some leaders from around the world to attend. He has never sat down with a lot of diplomatic relations with many of the best diplomats and he often does not listen to national experts of the country before visiting them.

Now the political process has negotiated Tillersonin and one of the highest for the workers, none of them has much experience or knowledge of many countries in which they are arguing.

Mr. Tillerson is so isolated that while top executives such as Mr. Pompeo and allies like Condoleezza Rice, the former Secretary of State, whose recommendations are decisive in his choice, make it difficult for the staff to speak directly to him.

The relationship between top management and the majority of the Foreign Ministry is toxic, “said Ambassador James F. Jeffrey, a former diplomat and member of the Washington Institute who worked for Mr. Tillerson.” And it is a complete mystery, because the Foreign Office will work for the devil, want to advance the interests of Americans, because of Tillersonia. ”

Foreign diplomats – from the British and France – said Mr Tillerson was not answering the call and warned his friends first. “Strategic Dialogue” with many countries, such as Pakistan’s nuclear weapons, ended without explanation

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