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Rapper XXXTentacion Shot in Florida

Rapper XXXTentacion was reportedly shot and killed Monday in Florida by an unknown shooter who fell out of the scene.

Reports that a 20-year-old has left a motorcycle store in Deerfield Beach, Florida, in a BMW black when a shooter who allegedly approached the Louis Vuitton bag from the vehicle.

The witness said that the rapper, whose real name is Jahseh Onfroy, appeared as “no life without pulse”.

Broward Sheriff confirmed that the police had responded to shooting in the area and that adult male casualties were taken to a hospital where they were later dead.

The dispatching sound showed that the attack was possible and that the rapper was described as “comatose”.

XXXTenatcion has become a novelty in recent months in a number of legal challenges resulting from the arrest in domestic violence in 2016.

Jahseh onfroy shot dead

Rapper, accused of raping her pregnant girlfriend, was released in December by 15 new charges of criminal offenses, including witnesses of unauthorized harassment and harassment of witnesses.

Prosecutors allegedly believe that the musician – through recorded conversations he made in prison – tried to force his girlfriend to get rid of her case.

In December, before being released to house arrest, he served in prison for a short time. The judge granted his request in March to be free from home arrests to take his music on tour.

His second studio album, “?”, Reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts after its release in March.

Rapper’s music made waves last month after Spotify announced it would destroy its tracks from the platform because its alleged behavior violated codes of conduct.

This move has changed and Spotify later turned his decision.

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