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Rapidly weight loss by a women and share tips

Just three years ago, Betsy Ayala fat, depressed and desperately trying to shed some pounds.

“After my daughter, I was around 262-265,” he said.

And to make matters worse, she discovered that her husband was cheating on her after reading messages between him and the woman who had an affair with.

“They were talking about my weight. They talk about me in the wrong way,” he said. “That’s what really hurts.”

Initially, Ayala admits he was angry – but then he used as motivation to lose weight.

rapidly weight loss

His transformation was amazing, and their before and after photos on Instagram has been an inspiration to thousands of people.

So far he has less than 103 pounds and worked as a caregiver – a totally different person, both physically and mentally.

Ayala said she and her ex-husband remained good friends, and there is no problem.

Despite his loyal his weight loss trigger action when he finally saw the big picture, he discovers that the real motivation – the girl.

“What would I do with it? How do I get on with it?” he said.

Mom shared five tips that helped to lose weight

1. Be consistent when it comes to your weight loss plan.

“I think a lot of people will do anything for a few days and do not see immediate results [and stop],” he said.

2. Eat healthy and educate yourself when it comes to nutrition.

“80 per cent fit and losing weight is what you put in your body,” he said.

3. Stay active and engaged.

“I work six days a week, an hour or hour and a half, a combination of things – dance classes, my boot camp coach, [go] gym [and] the hard work,” he said.

4. Find a good support system, whether friends or other groups in weight loss journey.

5. Focus on why you started the trip, and use it to motivate you and push it forward.

“Where are you now, does not mean it is where you will be five years or three years from now,” he said.

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