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Queen Elizabeth Ruled 65 years, Making Long Rewrote History

British monarch served the long rewrote history.

On Monday, Queen Elizabeth II ruled 65 years old, just to celebrate the Sapphire anniversary of the British government.

They sign up almost every day, because the Queen’s context marked 90 years, personally, about 110 miles north of London Norfolk, England, that Sandringham Estate.

On February 6, Elizabeth’s father was King George VI’s death anniversary in 1952.

“The queen and her father have close relations and views on the anniversary of her participation as an opportunity to remind her,” said Carolyn Harris, an English monarchy historian and author of the forthcoming book “Photo Enhancement.” 1000 years of True Parenting ”

Despite refusing to celebrate the Queen’s public can, the successes have found different tales in London.

In addition, the castle was relaunched in 2014 with a series of portraits that she wore glowing sapphires and diamonds. In 1947 the official David Bailey wedding gift by the Queen’s father showed the bracelet and necklace earrings.

Royal Mint also celebrated anniversary with a series of commemorative coins as five coins of the imperial pound crown state on one hand and a talk of Princess Elizabeth after 1947.

“In my entire life, whether long or short, he devoted himself to his service.”

Queen Elizabeth II

Largest reigning monarch of British history

Elizabeth When she was 25 years old, she made the record of 63 years and more than the previous record held for 216 days of the great-great grandmother September 2015, 9, officially became the largest reigning monarch of British history, the heritage of the Queen Victoria.

In recent years, in order to keep Elizabeth more active duty children and grandchildren remain active delegates, but full of queen civil service missions.

However, he breaks the people, sick in December after a bad cold that forced him to abandon his traditional royal holiday events, such as Christmas and New Year’s services.

“It’s hard for people to imagine playing a role in anybody dominated so long,” Harris says.

This year of age will be given since 2012 Sapphire, a member of the royal family all members of the festival will take place together with the Queen Diamond Jubilee a number of activities and missions.

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