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Queen Elizabeth Officially Opened National Cyber ​​Security Center In UK

National Cyber ​​Security Center New Britain (NCSC) is inviting private companies to train and cooperation on cyber defense, as Queen Elizabeth officially opened a hub in London on Tuesday.

NCSC began in October last year and is entering a new operations center in Victoria, central London. “The NCSC Industry 100” initiative saw people drowning in industrial threats, identifying weaknesses and developing advice for fighting cyber attacks.

NCSC chief Ciaran Martin said that the Government is in the 188 cyber attacks in the last three months and warned of possible major attacks in the future.

NCSC is now waiting while the proposed program – 100 private sector employees to remove at the end of 2017/18 of the financial industry – exercise.

NCSC Private Partnership was executed, large aerospace Lockheed Martin announced that it has returned to both programs aimed at college students.

NCSC is part of the £ 1.9 billion ($ 2.4 billion) in to bolster cyber defense in Britain, and is part of the intelligence and security organization, GCHQ, the GCHQ.

Thousands of phishing sites

It is a process in which the service is to find vulnerabilities in web site offers the public sector, will help better manage their foolish email ministry and download tens of thousands of phishing sites taken by the British.

Tesla’s £ 2.5 million bank

Which is investigating Britain’s biggest cyber assault – was Tesla’s £ 2.5 million bank

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