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Putin urged Russian troops to withdraw from Syria

MOSCOW – President Vladimir Putin on Monday ordered Russian troops to withdraw from Syria and said after a two-year military campaign in Moscow and Damascus they fulfilled their mission to destroy the Islamic state.

Russian troops to withdraw

Putin made the announcement as a surprise to the basic Russian Air Force in the region of Hmeimim Latakia, Syria, where he spoke with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and pointed out Russian military doctors.

Russia began a Syrian air strike for the first time in September 2015, amid a major Middle East intervention for decades, making the Assad conflict more attractive and dramatically increasing Moscow’s own influence in the Middle East.

Putin gave on Monday Russian troops to withdraw from a permanent base in Russia, the Kremlin, according to its website.

“The task of combating the armed robbery here in Syria, a necessary task to complete the use of the vast armed forces, has been largely resolved and beautifully resolved,” Putin said in a statement in Russia. TV.

“I congratulate you!” Putin told Russian troops gathered at the base.

He also said that Russia maintained the air support of Hmeimimina and the fleet in the port of Tartouksen, Syria.

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