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Putin argued that Russia had a nuclear weapon that could prevent rocket defense

Russia has several new strategic tests of nuclear weapons, which can not be disrupted, as President Putin announced on Thursday, marking a technological advance that would have a great Russian military power, will increase the global position of the Kremlin and the West will raise concerns about the possibility of new shields. competition in the 21st century.

Putin said in speech mode, for people who included nuclear missile missiles, nuclear power buzzings and new hypersonic missiles with other games in the world. He said the establishment of a new weapon made the US-led NATO missile defense system “useless” and effectively meant the end of what he considered a Western attempt to undermine Russia’s development.

“I want to say to everyone, about 15 years ago, that it increased the arms race, sought a unilateral advantage in Russia, introduced illegal sanctions to stop the development of our country: what you always wanted to interfere with the policies that took place” , he said. “You failed in Russia.”

March 18 election

The announcement was because Putin easily won the new six-year presidential election in the March 18 election.

He said the missiles tested last fall were “almost unlimited” areas and quickly and easily managed to break the missile defense system.

Russian leaders say underwater buzz is also an “intercontinental” area capable of carrying nuclear tips that can be targeted to both airplanes and ground installations. He said the depth of operation was very high and the speed of at least 10 times greater than the other vessels would cause a resurgence to capture the enemy.

“Putin is ready to go to the opinion statement of hundreds of senior officials and lawmakers with videos and photos of new weapons computers presented at a monster display in a meeting room near the Kremlin

We threaten anyone, we can attack, we take nothing from anyone. Russia’s growing Russian troops ensure global security”
– President Vladimir Putin

The computer video shows that the buzz is triggered by a submarine that flew to the seabed, crashed into a plane and exploded near the coast.

Putin said tests for solid nuclear reactors for the use of new rolls were completed last fall.

He added that the names of applause and missiles were not selected and suggested that the Ministry of Defense avoid competition across the country better known.

“There is no one in the world,” he said. “It may seem like a day, but at that moment, we’re building something new.”

The Russian leader said that a new weapon known as the Hypersonic Avangard missile between the mainland flies at the speed of the sonic target in 20 times and records “like a meteor, like a fireball.

Putin said the weapon was capable of moving to the target, which made it completely inconsiderate in the anti-missile defense system.

Russia also tested a new ballistic missile

Putin said Russia also tested a new ballistic missile that contained many Sarmat multipoint points, whose range allowed North and South to pass each target. He said there were more warlords than his predecessors in the Soviet era, known as the West of Satan.

He said the new system known as Kinzhal was introduced in the southern Russian military district. He added that it was a hypersonic missile to take the plane 10 times higher than the speed of sound and to be at 1,250 miles.

Russian leaders insist that a new weapon, which is not the same in the West, came in response to US withdrawals from the Cold War agreement banning missile defense and US efforts to develop missile defense systems. .

He said the United States did not take Russian complaints into account.

“No one hears us,” he said. “Now listen to us.”

He emphasized that Russia was concerned about the Pentagon-led nuclear protest announced earlier this year that it plans to develop a low-power nuclear weapon and that would reduce the use of nuclear weapons.

“We have come to interpret the use of nuclear weapons against Russia and its allies, no matter how powerful, low, medium or other weapons, nuclear weapons,” he said. “It starts with an immediate response to all the consequences that have caused it, and no one can doubt it.”

He said Russian and diplomatic experts are ready to discuss their new weapons system with their American counterparts.

“We do not threaten anyone, we do not attack anyone, we do not take anyone,” he said. “The growing Russian military force ensures global security.”

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