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Princess Diana’s 20th Anniversary The Dresses Now Present

Princess Diana dress opened this week in London, gathering the gates of movie stars celebrating her British royal favorite, a jacket worn by the dancing of all diplomats.

Last Friday Kensington Palace, collection of 25 dresses he has lived for 15 years. Together with marking the 20th anniversary of death exposure.

Also velvet blue is garment used in ink by Diana when she danced the actor John Travolta in the White House in 1985 and “Elvis” garment – embellished with high collar and pearls.

The collective also shows an understanding of how the diplomatic instrument Diana can be used, “organizers, such as an eagle, a national bird of Saudi Arabia, including clothing.

Fashion Story:

Eleri Lynn, Diana said “Curator” Our exhibition is dressed quickly Actual rules and the diplomatic process are investigating the story of a young woman, putting a spot in the UK to learn about the fashion industry and designers ”

Diana, the mother of Prince William and Harry, was married to Prince Charles’s heir-to-the-throne couple in 1981 and 1996.

He died in a car accident in Paris in 1997.

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