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President Trump has decided the NFL’s national anthem for a rally at the Alabama Rally

On Friday in Alabama, President Donald Trump pulled a parliament building in front of the NFL player and turned out to be a critical spot on the field to punish a hard-hitting shock to protect the players.

Trump commented on Guardian Bryan Graham through his comments on the sport:

“You do not want to see one of the NFL owners if someone does not respect our flag, say,” Get the bastard in the field this time, he gets cut, he gets fired! “Trump said,” What a person knows, he wants, he said, “The guy supports the flag, he’s fired.” And the owner does not know, they know, they’re my friends, are the most popular people in the country.

With NFL classifications decreasing massively, on a grand scale. Depressed NFL Ratings. Now the number is one of the reasons why they want to see what happens … you really are. They like what is happening. Because you know today, if you are very difficult: 15 yards! Take it out of the game! Last week.

I’m looking for a few minutes. Two boys, very cool. Wood, 15 meters! The judge was on television, his wife was at home, she was very proud of her. They are guiding the game! Do not ruin the game. Those who want to do. They want to hit him. They want to hit! This harms the game.

But do you know what the game is? When people, like themselves, connect to the TV and you see that these players are burning when they follow a great national anthem. The only thing you can do is if you see, even if you are a player, you leave the stadium. I assure you things will stop. Things stopped. Get up and go. Get up and go. It’s not the same game. ‘

Oakland returned to Marshawn

Players like Colin Kaepernick Michael Bennett, Malcolm Jenkins and others have repeatedly said they have not opposed music, but racial inequality and injustice remain in the country. Oakland returned to Marshawn Lynch as well as a national anthem but he did not say clearly why he did.

This is not the first time Trump calls the song in protest; At a meeting in March he said that the owners of NFL Kaepernick did not sign because they feared they would get both and their negative attention

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