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The President resigned from the invitation of the ruling

When many athletes say sports are followed, the president does not like politics.

Last night at the NFL, Donald Trump extended the invitation to the Golden State Warriors to visit the White House, as well as a community of feedbacks and an absence of an old terrorism.

The White House was considered a great honor, frustrated by the team’s win, “Trump wrote some tweets an hour ago.” Stephen Curry, why did you cancel the invitation! ”

The renovation of the invitee is incredible. Hero in two ways. Coach Steve Kerr, chairman of the “feedback” Trump and the office “set the evil” and Curry said, “If I accept with this statement,” Kevin Plank CEO Trump CEO “remove the answer to the” real power “needs.

Last month, Kevin Durant Warriors said he was not a White House, saying “I do not know who is respecting and respecting,” and he said, “I knew enough of the man,

So ignorance came, perhaps to prevent exaggeration, Warriors opened the door and nobody could pass.

Why is this important for NFL news? Since February the Super Bowl champion and one of the major components of the same ambiguity expressed in a visit to the White House, it is possible that one or more of the mouth attacks especially on people who live there. – or invite you at all – means that the NFL master calls this President in the interlude.

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