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President of China Xi jinping, Stand on endless period

Vote – Do not hesitate – xi jinping more time to plan partisan control, increase global influence and reduce economic and environmental risks

The Chinese parliament agreed to abolish the term president when President Xi Jinping held power for an endless period with a formal break with Mao Zedong’s rule after the stormy regime.

Fifth, about a thousand vice presidents of the National Assembly on Tuesday approved the decision as a constitutional provision prohibiting the president from serving more than two consecutive proposals. The changes announced by the Communist Party two weeks ago eliminated the only obstacle that Xi Jinping, 64, would be abandoned after the second expected period in 2023.

World’s most populous nation

Voting – Undoubtedly – Give Xi more time to implement plans to monitor party controls, increase overall weight, and reduce economic and environmental risks. It also connects the world’s most populous nation with one’s fate, as it always was, as Deng Xiaoping’s innovator began the establishment of a peaceful transition system resulting from Mao’s death.

Before Sunday’s vote in Beijing, US President Donald Trump declared that Xi Jinping is “now president of life.” NPC can name Xi for the second time on Saturday.

“In the long term, the changes may bring some uncertainties such as” risk, “said Yankeji Xie, China’s political analyst Gavekel Dragonomicsille in Beijing before the vote.” The degradation of the main team is more risky. “The discussion area is smaller and smaller.

The risk of policy choices can increase, and it can take a lot of time to correct wrong policies. ”

China complained of online criticism of Xi’s electric game, although shares of the company “king” or “emperor” expanded on its name after the move. The Shanghai Composite Index of the Chinese benchmark index fell by 1% compared to the 1.9% decline in the Asia Pacific MSCI Index.
A step to limit the 36-year deadline is part of the amendment of the Chinese constitution. They include:

Add the name of Xi Jinping next to Mao and Deng
Maintaining its principle in a more credible foreign policy
Creating new laws in force on the implementation of police policy and ethical policies that make the anti-corruption campaign permanent, which has been punished by more than 1.5 million civil servants

Although changes to the Constitution require two-thirds of the NPC’s approval on paper, it is an important part of the procedure. An organ that has never dismissed party proposals and the latest amendments – including changes made in 1999 to increase Deng’s document – used by more than 98% of the vote.

Sunday’s decision is more likely. Only three votes and two “no” votes were 2 914 votes, which means that 99.8% supported the movement. Unintended lawmakers were not immediately identified.

Dissent is rare

However, the proposal lays down a time limit for an extraordinary open expression in different opinions. Li Datong, the latest Chinese editor-in-chief of the young editor-in-chief, wrote a public letter urging lawmakers to oppose the motion and said China was vulnerable to frequent power issues of the past.

John defended the movement in which Xi told a group of deputies in southern Guangdong province that constitutional changes reflected “the general will of the party and the people.” The closing of the terms and conditions of the president is “an important step in the party and in the national system as a whole,” the People’s Daily newspaper in the magazine said on Wednesday a comrade of reference to unity in the Soviet Union.

Neither of the two major divisions of Xi Jinping party leaders and military leaders – has no deadline.

Czech Economics Intelligence Unit Tom Rafferty said the cancellation of the presidential election deadlock undermines the opportunity for future leadership changes to be as plausible as in 2002 and 2012.

“The changes create uncertainty,” Rafferty said before the vote. “The deadline – although it only applies to lower presidential roles – also expressed expectations for the

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