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Power is strong with the “Last Jedi”. Thursday night views seek $ 45 million – Initial Budget

Disney starts today at 04:13 PT by acquiring most of the 21st century century, a deal valued at about $ 66 billion, and they end tonight this huge box office record in Star Wars: Jedi Last is available for the best preview of the second half Thursday $ 45M more with. This forecast comes to us from the source of the deadline, not from Disney. The last Jedi is easy in 2015 The Force Awakens event of Disney / Lucasfilm, which has the best view of all time with 57 million dollars. The last Jedi is mandatory for Warner Bros. rejected. “July 2011 delayed Harry Potter and the second picture of B.O. Deathly Hallows Part 2. The picture got a preview of $ 43.5 million on Thursday night, where the exposure began at midnight.

We must overcome these predictions when they are so early, but perhaps the last Jedi can exceed $ 50 million more than the ball. Most of the monitoring and competition services opened the northern Jedi in the last 200 million dollars in three days, but still has 185 million dollars, which represents a huge amount in December. Last year’s storm in the Midwest and Northeast Rogue One: A Star Wars story opened, as well as a business that was a $ 29 million fan on Thursday broke into eight of the images, of which 40% was the opening day of $ 71 million ending the weekend opening $ 155 million. The Force Wakens preview of $ 57 million was nearly 48 percent open at $ 119.1 million before the biggest domestic opening hit $ 247.966 million. The Awakens and Rogue One teams can easily be placed on the first and second weekend of December.

Star Wars Carries Fisher series

This is a general holiday tonight in America and around the world. Star Wars fans dressed in nine like Rey, Kylo Ren, Tropical Storm Press, Boba, Chewbacca and many other fan questions when they went to the theater to see director Rian Johnson play. Who are Rey’s parents? What is the relationship between Luke Skywalker and Rey? Who’s stupid? As Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight and Paul Walker and Furious 7, Jedi was already something special for Star Wars fans, since it is the last film in the Star Wars Carries Fisher series. The film is an organic cataract for them, and these natural events certainly attract many, many people. Fisher died on December 27 with his mother Debbie Reynolds on December 28. The daughter of the fisherwoman Billie Lourd also has the most recent role of Jedi

According to the Star Wars tradition, from the moment it was introduced to Hollywood, fans were camping at the TCL Chinese theater. In response, Red Robin came to share a free burger with unexpected people. Most of the previews kick off tonight at 19, but also fans and marathon events at more than 1,300 venues, with an initial The Jedi show at 18:00. Tickets for some 18.00 shows supposedly containing video removed, unmanned theater release for $ 30 In response to the issue of the biggest exposure of the week, AMC adds some of 2am in the morning for the exhibition Imax and Dolby Cinema AMC across the country, its Loews Lincoln Square, Manhattan Upper West Side, AMC River Park Square in Spokane, Washington. There are also 24-hour theater tables today, tomorrow, such as AMC Empire 25, Lincoln Square and NYC Fresh Meadows, as well as the South End of 17 Durham / Raleigh, NC.

The last Jedi tomorrow will play 4,175+ in the American / Canadian theater. From 410 IMAX views, high quality 640+ high quality, 3600+ are local 3D and 212 D-Box locations. We got updates on Thursday night in the office in the morning

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