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Plane crashed when they landed at ‘Kathmandu’ Nepal- carrying 67 people

Kathmandu: US-Bangla Airlines passenger ship 71 people fell on Monday to land at airports in the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, airport officials said.

The victim’s body has recovered from the wreckage, the official said. “We have just launched the bodies,” said spokesman Narayan Prasad Duwadi AFP.

There was smoke on the soccer field where the plane crashed east of the only runway at Nepal’s international airport in the eastern capital of Kathmandu.

“There are 67 passengers and 4 crew members,” said airport representative Prem Nath Thakur.

“So far, 20 people have been injured by the police, while police and soldiers have attempted to rescue the aircraft,” he said.

Direct images on Facebook show a fall in smoke rising behind the trail while other machines are waiting for asphalt.

Nepalese forces were pressed for rescue operations and the airport was closed.

An official who did not mention his name at the airport base said the flight was from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He said the aircraft was apparently burning before landing and landed indefinitely on the ground near the runway.

A worker who answered a phone call at the Bangla Dhaka offices in the US said no one could be discussed.

“I have no other details,” said the official who declined to give his name. “But a bad case happened.”

Emergency vehicles seem to smoke when people look away or pictures with their cell phones.

Nepal has experienced numerous catastrophic floods in recent years affecting the tourism industry.

Their bad reputation in the field of aviation security largely due to inadequate maintenance, inexperienced pilots and poorer controls.

In early 2016, the Twin Turbo Turbojet plane arrived in the mountains of Nepal and killed the 23 people on board. Two days later, two pilots were killed when a small passenger ship fell from the hill to the Midwest.

US-Bangla Airlines is part of the United States, a joint venture in the United States, Bangladesh. Airlines from Bangladesh start in July 2014 and operate on Bombardier Inc and the Boeing

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