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Pierre Bellemare, a giant of radio and television, is dead age of 88

He was the greatest narrator in the history of radio and television. Pierre Bellemare, who has long worked for Europe 1, died at the age of 88 on Saturday in Paris.
For 65 years, Pierre Bellemare’s warm and earnest voice has made the listeners and viewers happy. That voice, which attracted every story, died Saturday at Foch Hospital in Paris. Pierre Bellemare was 88 years old. He was weakened for several weeks.

Pierre Bellemare brother-in-law Pierre Hiegel

Couple on radio and on television. Born in 1929 in Boulogne-Billancourt, Pierre Bellemare has a very early taste for romance. And for good reason, it’s because he wants to marry his love one who is in high school at the age of 17, that the young man has been in the radio ever since, for the sole purpose of making money. Becomes an assistant to his brother-in-law Pierre Hiegel, who is in charge of programs in Radio Luxembourg, the radio that disappeared today. “I started cleaning the disks, doing homework … then I replaced the absent comedian,” said Europe 1 in 2015. Another love story was born, the one with the media world. In 1954, Pierre Bellemare becomes acquainted with who changes his life, Jacques Antoine, the eternal companion of the road, Schmilblick, Treasure Hunt, and Fort Boyard). He is the first to give him his confidence and the introduction of his first television show show at the ORTF, in 1954. In the same year, he joined Europe 1, then called Europe Number 1

Predecessor. Since then his career has shifted and successes have been linked. Pierre Bellemare’s office on our channel from 1969 to 1986. Produced and revived a cut of 11-13 hours, including the Lunch Show, 20 million or Le Sisco. A passionate man is also an ancestor in the media world. We owe him the import of an American teleprompter in France, and the one who makes the first television show on TF1, The Magazine of the object, the predecessor of Téléshopping. “I’ve always been a producer at the same time as the animator in Europe 1. We can say that I was the first producer of animators,

An excellent story. Especially for his awareness of the rumors that Pierre Bellemare will become the man of the radio and television we know about. The man has no role to install mood, mysterious, interesting, sometimes painful. He publishes about forty collections of extraordinary stories: It happened one day, Suspense, The Criminal Year, True Stories … On Europe 1, he also animates Records of Interpol from 1978 to 1980 on the same principle. Younger generations know him on TV, at NT1, where he has performed Impossible Polls or Radio 1 at the showFeet in the dish under the guidance of Cyril Hanoun.

He knew on the radio how to mark silence, times. Pierre Bellemar made his own story as a fable. At Regarde les Hommes, she changed to Europe 1 in 2007, sliding: “I was an actor, but on the radio, I do not play, I’m alone, honest, and I think that’s what” the listener likes “

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