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Pi Day celebrates pizza and cake

Imagine a day dedicated just to eat pies– whether it’s a tasty pizza or a sweet apples?

This is not just pie in the sky illusion. National Pi Day should be established every year on March 14 and celebrated with cake lovers around the world.

If it was some time before 3:14 in a mathematics geometry class known as one of pi. This gives the ratio of the circumference of a circle and its diameter.

Half Moon Baked Apple Pie: Recipe

But foodies around the world, is really just a chance to eat, drink and consume more food. Then restaurants across the country will celebrate by offering special and delicious day deals.

In some cake accumulate in an unusual way. Remember, circle and can not be finished, but most this offer is only good for today.

& Pizza: Do you like pizza or are you in love with someone like pizza? If you answered yes to these two questions, and DC pizza is a perfect cake in store for you today. Three restaurants to convert a mini Las Vegas style wedding couples chapel that love pizza and do not want to get married. Many couples plan to spend a month in advance, but walk-in weddings are also available throughout the day.

Hungry Howie’s: This chain is recognizing the day by offering its customers on top average pizza for $ 3.14 with any purchase Howie bread. The deal is good at local (Florida side store) who attended.

Bojangles: a sweet tooth? Bojangles offers customers the ability to not get three sweet potato pie for only $ 3.14 or two– but.

Boston Market: Who said Pi day just about pizza and pie? Boston Market, customers can get free Fry chicken when buying food and drinks.
Pi Pizzeria: This restaurant chain began to spend the night before the holiday and offers two exclusive options March 14, all customers who are born actually fell in the day will receive a large free pizza (upon presentation of ID). All other customers can buy the $ 3.14 cakes (total purchase price of the first).

Conrad New York: If you prefer a bite of chewy cake Hotel Conrad New York Manhattan luxury, guests can enjoy the Key Lime Pie Martini Atrium, wine bar at the hotel and restaurant. Made with vanilla vodka, cream, a touch of citrus, fruit syrup and Graham’s cookie rimmed glasses, martini, this can take a perfect day to eat the pie.

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