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Pedro Pablo Kuczynski: President Peru “resign

The Peruvian president will resign after the videos were released that involved him in the vote buying scandal, say government sources.

President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski faced calls to resign before his indictment on Thursday.

In the video, government figures seem to promise the financial rewards of opposition congressmen if they refuse to nominate the president.

Kuczynski, 79, survived in December a separate indictment.

His opponents wanted to remove him from allegedly receiving illegal payments from the Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht.

Mr. Kuczyinski former Wall Street banker

But he held himself with a small reserve and accused the opposition of trying to make a coup.

Mr. Kuczyinski, a former Wall Street banker who studied at Oxford University, denies any misconduct.

It plans to announce its decision in a televised statement to today’s nations later, say reports.

His resignation was tabled and will be voted in a congress on Thursday.

Pursuant to the Peruvian Constitution, Martin Vizcarra, First Vice-President, will become his post.

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