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Nothing in the royal position” Japanese princess wedding tourism

The Japanese Princess Mako, Emperor Akihito’s greatest grandson, was reported to continue to reduce the royal family, since former Japanese colleagues earned a share of the Japanese media after marrying it.

Government has approved

The Japanese government has approved a law draft Friday Akihito (83), the Emperor of Japan, about two centuries after the August moon, saying he is about to be difficult to complete the tasks of the ages expected to fall on the first abdicate.

But the law does not mean that controversial issues check out or check out the females of the royal family after a man opvolgingswet marriage. The fear of conservative action may be the first step to seize the women’s throne.

Yoshihide Suga, head of the press at the press conference, asked the cabinet the real shortage problem: “There is no change in attitude to introduce measures to ensure a stable empire in succession.”

After his engagement was broken, he appeared on Wednesday in the law firm Mako, Boulder Komuro, Tokyo’s law firm after the 25-year-old groom who runs daily news on the camera’s media. The Imperial Household Agency was reluctant to comment.

“Now is not the time for me to comment, but I want to tell you right away,” Komuro said, 25th, he has done a lot to the journalists.

Komuro, who once told the media that “The Prince of the Sea” is promoting tourism in a place near Tokyo, he said he made a short phone call with Mako.

The 50-year-old women have only two followers, Akihito and Prince Akihito, two half-heads Akihito, the youngest tenth son of octogenaire, two sons of Akihito.

Royals population

Akihito is the other three women with only four grandchildren – Mako, brother, Kako, Naruhito and daughter Aiko. The fall of the Royals population – reflecting the wider trend in Japanese society – the young prince must also provide the end.

“In the present system, the prince Hisahito of the royal family has only the riskiest of life.” A university professor named Hidehiko Kasahara Keio is listed in the media as a panel of experts who have explored such abstraction.

Mako, groom International Christian University Leicester University graduate master’s degree museum researcher

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