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North Korea fired ballistic missiles near Japan: officers

North Korea on Wednesday to shoot a ballistic missile landing near Japan, the first test of Pyongyang since his friend’s rocket was burned in mid-September, officials said.

North Korea launched a rocket

North Korea launched a rocket a week after President Donald Trump took North Korea to a list of US states which, according to Washington, supported the violence. The appointment gave the United States a chance to impose more penalties, though some experts said it was a strain on the Korean peninsula.

The Japanese government estimates the rocket flew about 50 minutes and landed in Japan’s exclusive economic zone, the Japanese Broadcasting Authority, NHK said. The flying flight from Japan on August 29, North Korea passes flights in Japan for more than 14 minutes.

South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said the rocket was launched on Wednesday in P’yŏngsŏng, a town in the southern region of Pyongan, about 1817 GMT between the sea in South Korea and Japan.

A few minutes after the North’s rocket fire, the South Korean army conducted a test on a missile in response, adding South Korean troops.

The Pentagon said it had found a “possible” rocket launch in North Korea.

We have seen the possibility of a missile in North Korea. We will study the situation and provide additional information when available, “Pentagon spokesman Colonel Robert Manning told reporters.

Japan’s leading newspaper, Asahi Shimbun, lent an unidentified government missile to Japan, which did not cross and land at sea in Japan and the Korean Peninsula.

The White House says US President Donald Trump has learned that the rocket is still in the air.

South Korean news agency Yonhap, a joint military operation cited by South Korea, said the rocket flew east and the South Korean army analyzed information about its launch in the United States.

US actions have gained after reporting the launch of the rocket. The S & P 500 index increased by half a percentage in the afternoon.

The US government has found two official sources that US experts believe North Korea can carry a new missile in a few days.

After a rocket at a speed of about two to three months since April, North Korea put it on a missile in late September when a rocket fired on the northern island of Hokkaido on September 15.

US officials have already spoken out, disagreeing to say what kind of missiles they think North Korea can test, but finds that Pyongyang worked on developing a nuclear missile that could hit the United States and had already tested ballistic missiles intercontinental.

Last week, North Korea condemned Trump to decide to offer again as a sponsor of terrorist land and called it “serious provocation and violent act.

Lawyers and threats take turns with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and warned about his UN speech in September that the United States has no choice but that North Korea “is completely destroyed” if it forces or maintains its ally

Washington has repeatedly stated that all options are at the counter when dealing with North Korea, including the military, but it loves the peaceful agreement in which Pyongyang agrees to abandon nuclear programs and missile programs.

To achieve this goal, Trump sought to promote countries around the world, including the North Korean Alliance and China’s neighbors, to intensify Puna-Jung’s sanctions to persuade him to leave the weapons program.

North Korea has made no sign that it wants to continue the dialogue within that time frame.

North Korea has defended the military as the indispensable defense for US plans to attack. The United States, which has 28,500 soldiers in South Korea in the 1950-53 Korean War, denies such intentions

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