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North Korea: Donald Trump’s Unusual Style Can Be Successful When Others Fail

When Donald Trump fought for the president, he had an idea. When he won the election, he sat down with Kim Jong-un, explaining the Korean leg and sharing people at the same time.

It seems strange and they may not have burgers, but they are incredible – at least in the present – the most powerful leader in the world will come face to face with a man he missed “Little Rocket Man”.

This extraordinary event occurs without interruption or warning. South Korean national security official Chung Eui-Yong was in Washington at a recent meeting with Kim Kim in Pyongyang.

He suddenly announced: two leaders who had just insulted and insulted themselves last year should sit down and talk.

Trump will definitely support North Korea’s offer. He previously said that the restrictions he initiated were the desired effect, forcing the North American trading table. The key to success is that China agrees to restrict the flow of goods to and from North Korea.

The president does not doubt that the military pressure under way in Pyongyang has influenced Kim’s willingness to speak.

The position of North Korea has changed

The fact that Kim seems to have agreed that military troops with US and South Korean troops scheduled for next month will not be a barrier to the summit, which means major changes. Previously, these exercises, performed annually, have made the north so much worse that talking about talking is impossible.

So maybe the US president, like Trump, has a measurable impact on the Peninsula.

He is an American leader who can not be predicted in the memory of life. Perhaps the inability of the government to read this is rather disappointing in the north, they do not want to jeopardize the possibility that he might be serious about the military confrontation – which he certainly knows they will lose.

Is it a peaceful plantation? Certainly not, but optimistic, still blinking inside, wanting to believe that this enduring conflict can be solved someday. And if that happens, there can be disadvantages, like Mr. Trump.

However, the story is between him and an excellent time as a peacemaker.

Successful Kims have laid the West for decades. The pace of threat followed by arguments, compromises and betrayals meant that failed attempts failed to find a way forward.

The threat of North Korea is real

But this time it’s different. Penguins have bombs and distribution systems now. The theoretical threats to the United States are now something real. The president can easily resist him.

If American leaders previously threatened to destroy weapons and Kims with them, Mr. Trump could only mean that.

Regardless of the motivation Kim might try to play in the United States in the old tradition: talk, concession, cooperation, and worse.

Trump knows this, and as a man who portrays himself as a traveler, he only receives a complete, verifiable and enduring end to nuclear weapons in the north.

And in response, Pyongyang demands the end of significant, verified and persistent pressure on the military pressure in the north, which has always interpreted it as a constant threat to the invasion of the South. More importantly, Mr. Kim demands that his regime will remain in the future for his family – at least those who have not been killed.

Both leaders ended

It is difficult to see how both sides can give themselves what they want. But it seems that this extraordinary meeting is held. No politician wants to reach negotiations without knowing the outcome.

But given the difference between the solar system between the two, they can both fly blindly.

The internal doubts are clearly clear. But the conflict ends, even those who have been involved in almost 70 years. And what we think of Mr. Trump’s husband, we only expect the external style to produce remarkable results.

The Korean peninsula and the region are too long for the threats and reality of terrorism.

If this fails, the military option will be preserved. Millions of lives depend on never having a solution

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