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National Regulatory Authority Wayne La Pierre CPAC CPAC for: Gun Control Lawyers Using Florida’s Tragedy Shooting School Event

the highest ranking official of the National Rifle Association said in a speech Thursday that conservative political action, politicians and the media out of a deadly school fire in Florida worked to expand gun control and eventually eliminated the second amendment, which was delinquent in the first public comment on the shooting where 17 people were killed, and the debate over gun control in the United States, while fever.

“It’s a common opportunity to expect others to take advantage of the tragedy of political interest,” said Wayne Lapierre, executive vice president of the NRA at CPAC, the annual gathering of conservative activists and Republican leaders. “Chris Murphy, Nancy Pelosi and others, a popular national media and want to hold the country’s regulatory authorities accountable.

They hate the state’s regulatory authorities, “said Lapierre National Harbor, MD. Elita does not care about students, if they really want to, they will protect them.

Although Lapierre spoke to CPAC by name, it was not on the agenda and the audience in his speech was final conclusions late on Wednesday. The Washington inspector announced that the CPAC organizer, who left the name Lapierre, canceled the schedule after Marjory Stoneman’s Douglas High School game last week in Parkland, Fla.

“It’s not a question of security, it’s a political issue,” LaPierre said. “They want more control, their aim is to release seams and second freedom guns, so they can remove all freedom from the individual.”

They are not interested, work their law or not, “he said, simply do not want more laws to manage more people, but state regulatory authorities, state authorities, are concerned.”

Five years ago, following the incident at Hook Sandy Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. The NRA responded by tightening armed security at the school, while joining Trump’s call Wednesday as they heard survivors from schools and the White House on Thursday morning in Twitter messages.

CPAC organizer

I never said “let professors teachers” because it’s Fake News …. That is what I am saying, is to examine the possibility of “giving a hidden weapon of skilled teachers who have military or special training, only the best.” 20 percent of teachers, many, can now

If a sick patient is ill at the school, shoot immediately. Educated teachers will also not hesitate to do this for cowardice. More money at a lower cost than guards. An unarmed school, a magnet for bad kids. STAY IN OBSERVATIONS!

History teaches that the practice shots last 3 minutes on average in the school. It takes about 5-8 minutes to arrive at the police and emergency situations. Educated armed assistants, trained teachers / coaches solved the problem just before the police arrived. ALL GOOD!

Shooter” knows talented teacher

If the potential “shooter” knows that he is a very talented teacher (and others) who shoots instantly, they will never attack the arrow. The cutter does not get there … the problem is solved. Must be aggressive, defense alone will not work!

When he spoke with CPAC in 2013 a few months after Newtown’s fire, LaPierre ordered more guns at school.

To protect our children at school, we recommend a professional, armed and educated. They suggest scissors. And they say we’re crazy? It’s a real craze, “LaPierre said at the time, instead of what the political elites were offering – a” universal “background control called placebo.

On Thursday, Lapierre was led by Dana Loesch, the spokesman of the NAC; CPAC appeared as a CPAC a few hours after the CPAC entered Florida with weapons of violence to the survivors. Loesch, who said he had to resort to the outcome of the incident, also criticized the media attention for masses and insisted that the victims were getting worse when they were rich and white.

Many of the old media are doing great shots, “said Loesch,” I do not say that you like tragedy, but you like to sort.

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