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Nashville Mayor Give Up After Affair, Pleads Guilty to Theft

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry resigned yesterday after he was guilty of stealing thousands of dollars if he was in an outrageous relationship with his bodyguards.

A rising Democrat star is a very popular mayor with an ambitious goal of turning this city into a city center when it shocked the population earlier this year agreed to give the incident. The fall is rapid and on Tuesday will be replaced by the deputy mayor of the city.

“Despite my day as his mayor, I make a decision of unwavering love and sincere love for this beautiful city and endless people,” he said recently at a news conference after he appeared in front of the judge.

Paid trip to the relationship

In law, Barry did not say how he stole money from the city, but the investigation showed that he had worked during his paid trip to the relationship with the guards. Authorities also found the naked, half-naked image of a woman who had taken the phone from her bodyguard, Sergeant. Robert Forrest when he was recruited.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has identified a photo of women and Barry says that if the photos are taken without his knowledge or acceptance.

Naked and partially performed in May and October on days when Barry’s path resembles Washington on several trips.

The mayor’s judgments came when national sex crimes were inflicted by visions and famous leaders. Barry said she did not want this “I-te’-muddy woman because of her adult relationship with the middle middle has feelings for one another.

Shortly after the resignation of Forrest Mayor pleaded guilty to the same charge of robbery and agreed to pay the city for $ 45,000, he paid his salary or overtime work when he executed the mayor’s security decision decision

The survey reveals that the photo was in Forrest’s e-mail and that they picked up the phone. There were 260 conversations that stopped between Forrest’s phone number and Barry’s phone number and 35 call records, the statement said.

The mayor decides to pay the city $ 11,000. Barry and Forrest were sentenced to three years of trial.

“If you do what you need to do, you can remove the problem and remove it,” the judge told Barry.

Barry, 54, rose when the news was killed with Forrest in late January when his wife filed for a divorce after being public. Barry admitted this, but denied and refused to divorce.

Barry’s admiration followed Barrys, Max’s only son, lost his illness in July after overdose of a combination of various drugs, including two opioids.

“It’s a very bad day and I have a worse day, but this is not my worst day,” Barry said in January. “And I will tell you that I know the difference between the mistakes – I made a serious mistake – but this is not a tragedy”

Chosen in 2015, he held a significant place in the city and performed the routine at concerts and public events and managed to lead the company to get professional football in Nashville. He is the most important person in the $ 5.4 billion transit plan that manages Nashville voters in a May referendum.

He handed the lead to Datuk David Briley, Liberal Democrat, who failed to fail in May 2007.

Barry was elected in September

Metro Metro Nashville proves that Overrest’s past has doubled since 2014-15 for the 2016-17 financial year. Barry was elected in September 2015. Barry said the case began in the spring of 2016, according to the trust.

Barry did not say when the matter was over, it just ended. Forrest, who has spent more than 31 years at the Nashville Metro Police and has kept the mayor’s security information for three administrations, will retire.

The Tennessee Department examines the case and says the search is “active and persistent.”

Briley swears at the end of the day, according to the mayor’s statement. The new mayor will be elected on August 2.

Briley announced in his statement, “The Day of Life for Nashville,” but says that Barry’s resignation “gives us the opportunity to focus on the key work of the city.” He promises openness and says it will work to restore public confidence.

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