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N.Y. Congress Louise Slaughter died at the age of 88

Louise Slaughter, a Democrat representing Rochester for over thirty years, died on Friday. She’s 88 years old.

The former chairman of the Regulatory Commission and the fall of patience, the oldest member of the Parliament, said his office had fallen.

He died in Washington last week, he said.

Slaughter President Lamb Fitzsimmons said in a statement, “Louise had been exposed to natural gusto, full of Slaughter.” “Vision is a strong supporter of West New York that its leadership has developed infrastructure, technology and investment research and has provided two federal agencies that will make Rochester a generation of local economies.”

Slaughter reflects the lives of public service

Killing was born in 1929 in Dorothy McIntosh, Kentucky. After microbiology, he graduated from the University of Kentucky and later received the Public Health Bacterial Resistance problem.

Her post-graduate school moved to New York with her husband, Bob Slaughter, in the western part of the city after he settled in Fairport Village near Rochester.

He and his wife are 57 years old. Bob Slaughter, Eastman Kodak Co. He worked as a lawyer and died in 2014 at the age of 82.

A couple of three girls and seven grandchildren

The slaughterhouse served twice in the Senate in 1986.

The two presidents of the National Democratic Committee President Tom Perez said, “I put the Consul General in the family of the Congress massacre and I loved everything there is – a great loss that is really female and wild.” “We keep you in our hearts.”

He is a founding member of the Pro-Choice Meetings Congress, which supports killing, promoting reproductive health and protecting women’s right to vote.

It is also the common writing of violence against women living in the country and has struggled to accept a law guaranteeing women and minorities in all federal health conditions.

louise slaughter died

As the first female president of the Census Committee, the Cutting Method Accessible Care Act helps the implementation of the 2009 Lily Ledbetter Fair Payment Act and Student Aid System and Financial Responsibility Act.

“In fact Congressional Slaughter reflects the lives of public service and an unshakable commitment to the best working family of the American spirit …” said Minority Leader in the Assembly of Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). “The community lost a loved leader and a dear friend.”

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