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Morgan Freeman unbelievable Top word On Marijuana (Drink, Eat, Smoke)

It is impossible to hear the voice of Morgan Freeman and not be tempted in such a state of trance. After all, credible Oscar-winning legend was guiding people through the foreign invasion, the Antarctic ice plateau, and also dangerous foreign destination through streets (thanks, GPS).

One thing that most people do not associate the actor with, however, is marijuana. All of that changed in an interview in 2015 with The Daily Beast. Willing to discuss his new movie 5 flights to, Freeman and not open as to its past use of marijuana and why he believes it should be legalized everywhere.

Eight years ago, Freeman crossed the Mississippi when he was involved in an accident. 1997 Nissan Maxima he slid onto the highway and flipped over several times. Although he survived thanks to the experienced medical staff and Jaws of Life, the left shoulder, arm and elbow were damaged. Doctors operated for four hours to repair nerves, but he still has to make full use of his left hand. To deal with the pain, Freeman turned to marijuana.

When pressed for details of his opinion about the use of this herb, Freeman said:

They used to say: ‘You’re smoking articles, kids, you’re going to get hooked! My first wife got me for it years ago. How do I do this? However, it is coming! I will eat, drink, smoke, smell it! This movement is really a time to come, and you are getting a lot of time on foot. Now the core is to understand that alcohol has no actual medical use. Maybe if you had a drink it would calm you but two or three and you fuck it. ”

Referring to the crash he survived, he pointed to the sticking sleeve glove out of the left sleeve and said:

“Marijuana has many uses that are useful.I have fibromyalgia pain in this arm, and the only thing that offers any relief is marijuana. They are talking about children who have grand mal seizures, and they have found that marijuana makes it easier for Low, where children can have a life. That there, to me, saying: ‘Legalize it well!’

The last time Freeman is called marijuana in an interview in 2003 with The Guardian. He can be reminded said: “Never give up cannabis.” Your attitude in the Daily Beast interview is the same.

“What about the negative effect?” Freeman continued. “Look at Woodstock 1969. They said, ‘We’re not going to disturb them or say anything about smoking marijuana, not a problem or a fight, so see what happened in ’99.”

79-year old narrator was referring to the event in which fewer people used marijuana. In fact, some disturbances and arrests took place.

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