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Mitt Romney launches Utah Senate campaign while digging Trump

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced that he would miss President Donald Trump and pass to the US Senate seat in Utah.

He suspected that a video on the Facebook campaign sent an “exceptional message” to immigrants from Washington.

The composer is seen as Trump, Romney, Republican Senator Orrin Hatch’s seat.

The former venture capitalist collapsed because President Barack lost his career in 2012 to end Obama.

Romney said in 2002 that the Salt Lake Winter Olympics was a model for his direct home Washington DC.

In a Facebook campaign, “Utah has legitimate immigrants from all over the world,” he said.

Washington sends an exception warning

The unsuccessful campaign at Romney in the White House was his son’s investment company and chairman of Marriott International.

But he really loves his relationship with the Republican Party.

He entered regular conservative habit in 2016 and woke up with an attack on Mr. Trump.

“Their words are as useless as the Trump University diploma,” Romonds said.

Mr. Trump described Romney’s “unfortunate island” as “dog-like” in the 2012 race.

However, Mr. Trump, the White House, and Romney began to eat with him as a secretary during the presidential elections in Manhattan restaurant in November 2016.

Romney could not find a job.

Maybe the President once again recalled that Romney had returned and that the name of Hatch, recently considered to be loyal to the trumpeter, lasted six more years.

In December, Trump went to Utah, where Mr. Hatch asked him to be a “real fighter,” and said he would continue to serve the Senate for a long time. ”

However, the senior senator announced last month that he will resign until the end of the year.

“Every good hunter knows by wearing gloves,” said Hatch.

The Senate Republic lasted for a long time with seven candidates, first elected in 1976.

The announcement of the Romney campaign was welcomed by former correspondent Paul Ryan, representative of the House of Representatives.

This is a great day for the US Senate, “said the Republican Party’s most powerful Congress.

“Our party and our country, Mitt, is always better when it comes to that, and I know that he will use his unique experience, conservative leadership and service throughout his Utah lifetime in the US Senate.”

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